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Monday, 16 April 2007
A new Battleground Europe roleplaying event has started. France and England joint forces have to cut a German supply line from factories to the front.

The back story

The Allied forces of France and England have formed an apparently unbreakable defensive line from Dunkerque to the region around Amiens. The Axis, desperate to reach the channel coast and make good their plans to invade the island fortress of England, have been throwing themselves at the stalwart defense of the Allied nations in North Western France ... to no avail. The British hold the northern front and the French hold the South.

Finally ... in a well executed and secretly planned operation combining all their brigades together, the Axis succeed in focussing all their efforts at one point and bust through the Allied wall at St.Pol township. Driving on before the Allies can muster their forces from all along the defensive line they have held for weeks, the Germans capture Hesdin and split their army into two groups. One group heads in a northern salient to capture the Allied sea supply route and port town of Bologne. The other group heads west to capture the town of LeTouquet with it's naval base and airfield.

Although the fighting is bitter and heavily contested, costing the Germans more than the Allies in losses, they secure both objectives and immediately begin resupply by air and by the tenuous overland route through Hesdin and St.Pol ... the Allies still hold the defensive line each side of St.Pol intact.

The event

The Germans must protect their line of supply through St.Pol and Hesdin, if either town falls without consolidating an increased capture of the defensive front the Allies are holding, then their forces being built up and resupplied at the coastal towns of Bologne and LeTouquet will be cut off, and slowly wither on the vine as the Allies attrit the remaining surrounded forces, who will now have become defenders rather than attackers. The Axis will be forced to resupply troops from Lille into the pocket by airlift, a difficult and dangerous and daring tactic.

With lines of supply open from Bologne and Le Touquet to feed the invasion across the channel, and naval resources in the form of their Kreigsmarine fleet at Oostende, and the newly captured Bologne and Le Touquet ...
plus a long supply line to Ramsgate, the Axis forces are hell bent on capturing a foothold in England.

The Allied forces of France and England must cut off the German supply line and rout the Axis forces in the breakthrough pocket in order to secure the channel coast and begin long term plans to push the gerries back east. While England herslf is under some threat, and defenses will have to be on alert against enemy incursions by advance elite forces attempting to gain a foothold in old Blighty ... they need to rout the Germans from their grip on the channel coast in north western France.

Naval action and paratroop missions will contribute greatly to each sides efforts, if co-ordinated the effect will likely be much greater.


The Germans must keep their channel coast forces supplied by keeping a land route to their factories open through Hesdin and St.Pol, or by widening this corridor in order to make it easier to protect from being cut off. Paratroop missions to supply the brigades in the breakout sector will help this operation.

The British and the French must rout the Germans from the breakout pocket and the channel coast.

Capturing a town in England (Axis forces) will count towards victory points.
Capturing enemy naval or paratroop bases (both sides) will count towards victory points.
Holding captured victory point objectives to the end of the intermission will count towards extra victory points.
Holding onto the breakout pocket will count towards victory points (Axis)
Capturing back the towns in the breakout pocket will count towards victory points (Allied)


Germans will have 4 naval bases, two at Oostende and one each at Bologne and Le Touquet.
Allies will have 4 naval bases, one each (French) at Le Crotoy and Berck-Plage, and one each (British) at Dover and Calais.
Germans will have 2 paratroop bases, one at Le Touquet and one at Lille.
Allies will have 3 paratroop bases, one (French) at Abbeville and one (British) at Calais. A reserve British paratroop base will be located back in England at Ramsgate. Numbers will be balanced differentially between all bases in the case of paratroopers.

Equipment will be as follows:-


Vickers light tank
Crusader II cruiser tank
Crusader III cruiser tank
Churchill III medium tank
Daimler armoured car
Bedford and Morris trucks
6 pdr ATG
25mm AA gun
Bofors AA gun
All regular infantry
Spitfire Mk.I
Spitfire Vb
Hurricane IIc
C47 Transport
Blen-T torpedo bomber
Fleet destroyer
Fairmile gunboat
Cross channel transport freighter


S-35 medium tank
M3a3 Stuart light tank
M4a2 Sherman medium tank
M10 tank destroyer
Panhard armoured car
Laffly truck
Laffly TD
47mm and M1 ATG
25mm AA gun
Bofors AA gun
All regular infantry
Bell Mle.14a
Ju-52 Transport
Blen-T torpedo bomber
Fleet destroyer
Fairmile gunboat
Cross channel transport freighter


SdKfz.232 armoured car
Opel truck
SdKfz.7 half-track
Pak38 ATG
20mm FlaK.30 AA gun
40mm FlaK.28 AA gun
All regular infantry
Ju-52 Transport
Blen-T torpedo bomber (captured special service)
Fleet destroyer
Coastal gunboat
Cross channel transport freighter
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