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Monday, 16 April 2007
The test version of the Disney MMORPG ToonTown has received a new update saturday improving the gifts system, which is an option that players can use on the Cattlelog to buy a gift for their friends.

April 14, 2007 [sv1.0.27.4.test]

  • Made an improvement to the Gifting subsystem. When you first call Clarabelle you will see the "Buy Gifts" button grey'ed out and it will show "Trying...", this is a way for us to check to make sure Gifting is working properly before you make any purchases. If for some reason Gifting is not working properly the "Buy Gifts" button will stay grey'ed out and you will not be able to buy gifts during that time. If you ever encounter this please submit a bug via our Report a Problem page!
  • Added some fixes to rare game client crashes in the Treasure Dive and Toon Slingshot Trolley games.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug which occurs during your post Cog battle victory dance.
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