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Monday, 16 April 2007
A few weeks after the major Neocron Evolution 2.2 update , a new game patch has been released. This patch adjusts woc disk drop rates, fix a couple of bugs and decrease all PvP damage by 10%.


Neocron retail patch notes #163


- IMPORTANT: Normal Law Enforcer rules re-enabled! Runners can't implant a law enforcer if their skill rank is above 30.
- A runner can overcast a support effect if it was applied by another runner (self-cast over foreign-cast) to disable high level shitbuffs.
- NPCs will now use the gunner instead of the vehicle as damage applier to put him on their aggro list.
- Logs now work if the character name has less than 4 characters.
- Changed some values in the distance calculation for drones to get better aiming - especially on drones with a low techlevel.
- Effects like Barrel modules no longer deal damage after the damage dealer switches to another zone (it was possible to damage LE players this way).
- Fixed a bug where the build time in the construction process was skipped.
- Fixed a bug where non-rare items were constructed with low condition.
- Raised the construction cap for non-rare items (higher quality).
- Lowered WoC disk drop rate.
- Lowered price of Rhino V3 key.
- Added a TL 40 variation of personal injector (heal). Check the BT Database.
- Nanite concentration of heal injection reduced to 20 (was 30).
- Gaya Tacholytium Gauntlet (Epic) has a new Techlevel of 56 (was 40).

- Damage reduction of 10 percent for PvP. Explanation: We've decided at the beginning of the balancing project to make the duration of fights longer and more tactical - not shorter! So please understand (especially the english community) this decision. If player setups are changing to i.e. better resistance we can easily rearrange this modifier.
- Psi-based shields (i.e. deflector) are 5% more effective. This applies to all kinds of these shields in non-PPU-selfcast.
- Reduction of drone resistance to 0.50 (was 0.65). The resistances of drone will be calculated from thier energy value.

Changes to weapon construction:

Influence factors:
- Construction value (INT, DEX, CST)
- Weapon TechLevel
- Random quality reduction of up to 15 percent

When calculating the quality of a weapon, the construction value is usually well above the constructed weapon's TechLevel. There now is a softcap in place when evaluating the effects of skills, this however lead to problems in the past - which is why there is now a quality cap in place. This quality cap is more of a safety measure than a real limitation. When building rares, you won't notice much of a difference, if any (test results: 100% - 120%) - the cap for non-rares is higher now (test results: up to 100%). The slots probability for all weapons remains the same.

The goal was to let the a good conster build good quality weapons - that goal was met. Investing into construction is wort it, as it increases the chance to build weapons at the quality cap.

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