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Planetside: Sunderer playtest E-mail
Wednesday, 18 April 2007
We announced already that some tests on the Sunderer were in progress. We had a confirmation today, since a test server has been made available with three Sunderer variants: the Juggernaut for the Terran Republic, the Vindicator for the New Conglomerate, and the Leviathan for the Vanu Sovereignty.

Playtest -- April 18th, 2007 Build 3.12.08 -- 3:00p Los Angeles / 6:00p New York / 10:00p UK

Battle Island: Desolation!


  • VS Objective:  Force all of your enemies off of Desolation!  VS will start with Dahaka
  • NC Objective:  Force all of your enemies off of Desolation!  NC will start with Jamshid
  • TR Objective:  Force all of your enemies off of Desolation!  TR will start  with Izha
  • This will be an limited engagement scenario and the following rule applies:  Stay on Desolation!
  • Added fun stuff:  All 3 empires will have Pain and Healing module benefits!
  • TR will have VS and NC vehicles!
  • NC will have TR and VS vehicles!
  • VS will have NC and TR vehicles!
  • Heavy Assault will be enabled on Desolation for the play test!
  • Advanced vehicles (Reavers, MBTs, etc.) will be enabled for the play test!
  • If an empire gets too many players they will face targeted Meteor Showers and VoidRage's Magic CUD of Unlimited Orbital Strikes!  

Changes to look for in 3.12.08:

  • Removed the Sunderer.
  • New Sundy Varients!  The Juggernaut - TR, Vindicator - NC, and Leviathan - VS
  • You want details on the changes?  Come to the play test and find out!
  • Corrected a few issues with the Russian language font.



  • Players who intentionally cause problems will have their IDs sent to the CSRs for disciplinary action affecting your Live account
  • Instructions for getting into the Public Test Server can be found here
  • If you encounter a new bug, please use the in-game bug reporting tool via /bug.
  • If you crash to desktop (CTD), please restart the game and submit your crash log via the dialog box that appears when you restart the game. If a crash log wasn't generated, please let a QA Rep know that you had a CTD and what happened in-game just before the time of crash.

Thanks for helping out and we'll see you online!

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