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Monday, 14 May 2007
Today we will give a look and one of the most recent and deadly weapons in Planetside: the Scorpion.

The Scorpion -- noted for it's precise calculated strikes with it's projectiles is one of thenewest and, most deadly weapon incarnation to make it's way into Auraxis. The battles have raged, the bases captured, and the table is set for the launch. Now, with the help of science, technology, and some creative Devs, let's take a closer look at the Scorpion.

How is it used?

The Scorpion has a new firing method that isn't like anything on the battlefield so be prepared! If your wondering how it works -- check it out:

  • First find a target, not too close and not too far away.
  • Zoom in to that target and you'll see crosshairs
  • Right click to obtain a distance lock on the target
  • Aim a little to either side, above, or a mix of both, and let the missle fly

It sounds a bit complicated but there's a reason for this. The missle will explode upon reaching that distance and it'll unleash a barrage of bomblets downward an in a 45 degree "V" shape. If the concept seems a bit strange just try to think of it as sort of a cluster missle and your not too far off. The bomblets lay waste to anything they touch but that's something that may take some skill and a little luck since the the pattern the bomblets take upon exploding are not always the same.

So what is the effective range you ask? The Scorpion is really a medium to l

ong range weapon -- sorry no short range, in-door flack firing goodness. You'll need to be 50-300 meters in order to use the Scorpion or else you'll likely find yourself with a message on screen telling you that your either "TOO FAR" or "TOO CLOSE" to your target.

The Scientists (or Devs) have also mentioned that there may be some revisions to the Scorpion before we finally see them on the live servers so sit tight.

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