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World of Warcraft: new anti spam feature E-mail
Monday, 04 June 2007
The 2.1 World of Warcraft update introduced a new spam countermeasure, letting players directly report any goldseller mail or tell they receive. Here is a short FAQ about this newest interface feature.

Getting spammed? Right-click to make it stop
With the introduction of The Black Temple patch, we have introduced a new feature to reduce the amount of unsolicited spam our players receive. As with any harassment issue, in-game spam is something which is moderated with the assistance of the community. To make it easier to report spammers, we have introduced a one-click feature that automatically generates a detailed spam report to our game master team.
Below is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions from our players regarding this feature:

I have received unsolicited spam from a gold advertiser. How do I use this new reporting feature?
The new spam-reporting feature has been designed to be as simple and intuitive for our players to use as possible. To report any player that is sending you spam, or spamming in a public channel, simply right-click on the player's name in the chat interface, and select the "Report Spam" option. Once you have selected this option, a dialogue box will open to confirm that you wish to report the target player, and your report will be sent once you confirm your choice.

What happens when I report a player for spamming?
Firstly, the reported player will be ignored by you for the rest of your gaming session. This ignore function extends to the player's entire account, so the player will not be able to contact you again even if he or she makes a new character. Secondly, your report is sent to the game masters who are assigned to deal with these reports so that it can be reviewed. If necessary, appropriate action may be taken in accordance with our behaviour and harassment policies.

Can this feature only be used to report chat spam? What about spam sent by mail?
This feature has also been designed to reduce the amount of mail-based spam our players receive. Similar to the way you report chat-based spam, should you receive unsolicited mail from a spammer, you will now be able to report this player with one click using the "Report Spam" option attached to the mail. This will ignore all mails sent to you from this account, and again, if many reports are received for this account, all sent mails from that account will temporarily be invisible to others until our game masters investigate the account.

Are there any restrictions for the use of this feature?
Yes. Spam reports are limited to a total of five per account for a 24 hour period. Also, it is only possible to send one report per minute. You cannot report players that are on your friends list or in your guild, and you cannot report yourself.

Is there anything else I can do to help the game master team take action against spammers?
Yes! In order for us to take swift action against spammers reported this way, it is very important that this feature is only used to report in-game spam. Any other grievances you have with players should be reported using the regular ticketing system, to ensure that your reports are processed correctly and as efficiently as possible.
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