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Thursday, 28 June 2007
The Ultima Online 2D client has been update to version while UO:KR beta client has received the patch Check out the patch notes.

2D Client Patch notes

  • Updated clilocs
  • Added live event content


KR Beta Client Patch notes


  • Fixed several bugs with the sitting animations - you should now be able to change your facing correctly
  • Polished more environmental art
  • Added a number of new sound effects, removed unused sounds
  • Polished Fishing Nets and Suits of Armor
  • Polished Ethereal Mounts
  • Further polished day and nightsight brightness
  • Polished a number of creature and player animations
  • Polished a number of items
  • "Total Gold" message on shopkeeper window should be placed correctly
  • Sandals should look more like sandals
  • More wearable layering fixes
  • Fixed issue with terrain not loading on some video cards
  • Added footsteps!
  • Fixed bug that could cause user settings not to be saved correctly
  • Should now be able to interact with a drag-off heath bar just like interacting with the actual creature – targeting, etc
  • Zoom in/out is bound by default to the mouse wheel
  • Polished Disguise Kit gump
  • Fixed faction horse vendor gump
  • Alliance gump should display correctly
  • Fixed a bug with the puzzle box gump
  • Polished/fixed hairstylist gumps
  • Various optimizations
  • Client version is now displayed on the login screen
  • Added UI size slider
  • Added gamma (light/dark) slider
  • Fixed crash when logging in after being in a party
  • "Say" macros will now allow up to 128 characters
  • Animal Lore gump should display info correctly
  • Fixed issues with some mounted animations, causing the player to appear to be sitting too far forward on the mount
  • Polished shard login window
  • Added titles in the title bars of several gumps
  • Polished custom housing gumps
  • (2D) Roads should appear less monotonous in Moonglow
  • Added art for aquariums
  • Text above mobs’ heads should now be centered
  • Spoken commands are no longer case-sensitive
  • Fixed various crashes
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