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EVE Online patch notes for Revelations 2.0.1 E-mail
Monday, 09 July 2007

Patch Notes for Revelations 2.0.1


  • The Manticore's power grid has been increased by 3mw to balance the reduced bonus to Cruise Missile Launcher power grid required resulting from the previous patch and its kinetic cruise missile bonus has been fixed.

Skills and Implants

  • Skill requirements to open Waste containers in exploration sites have been changed from Salvaging to Archaeology.
  • The Drone Durability skill's Show Info displays bonuses in the attributes tab that are being applied to shield and armor, as well as hull.
  • The new Hardwiring implants with 1% bonuses have now been published.
  • Some of the new Hardwiring implants where giving a higher bonus than they should, this has now been corrected.
  • The description of "Hardwiring - Zainou 'Snapshot' ZME" implants have been revised to specify their Heavy Assault Missile bonus.

Weapons and Drones

  • Faction missiles are now shown in the variations tab of the Show Info option on their non-faction counterparts.
  • CPU usage of named Cruise Missile Launchers has been adjusted to be inline with other types of Missile Launchers.
  • Tech 2 Sentry and Logistic Drones now display the proper tech 2 icon.


  • The capacitor need of tech 2 Large Energy Neutralizer has adjusted to be inline with its named tech 1 variants.
  • Tech 1 Large Energy Neutralizers should now show the tech 2 version in their variations tab in Show Info windows.

Onboard Scanner

  • The on-board scanner no longer requires the training of the Astrometrics skill.
  • The non-functional "Destroy probe" option no longer appears in the on-board scanner right-click menu.


  • Additional static dungeons have now been converted to exploration sites.
  • The briefing of the "Worlds Collide" missions incorrectly stated acceleration gates were open and could be used without having to kill NPCs in its vicinity, the briefing has been corrected.
  • Some exploration sites inside Minmatar space were incorrectly applying standing loss towards the Minmatar Republic instead of the Angel Carte, this has been resolved.
  • Numerous exploration sites have been reconfigured to allow tech 1 mining barges to enter them.
  • Some non-expiring exploration sites have been fixed and should despawn after completion.
  • The objectives of "Fail the Military Operation" stated incorrect completion criteria; it now states that all NPCs must be destroyed.
  • The end boss in Serpentis 4/10 complexes should now drop loot.
  • All "Keeping Crime in Check" missions now correctly display their important storyline mission stature in the journal.

Corporations and Alliances

  • Alliance standing towards a corporation which then joins an alliance will now take into account the standing of the alliance the corporation joined.
  • Directors should now receive all corporation related EVEmails such as tower fuel notifications, insurance, etc.
  • New alliance logos have been added.


  • Station services of conquerable stations are now disabled when they have received hull damage.
  • Resolved an issue where Outpost services were not restored after being disabled and repaired.
  • Control towers can now be renamed via the right-click menu.
  • Minmatar Basic Outpost Factory Platform and Minmatar Basic Outpost Laboratory Platform have had their descriptions fixed.
  • Duplicate skill requirements are no longer displayed in Show Info for Outpost upgrades.


  • The transactions tab in the wallet will only show personal transactions instead of including transactions made on behalf of a corporation.
  • The Wallet Divisions tab in the corporation wallet is now cached for 5 minutes.
  • All columns inside all tabs in the wallet should now be resizable.


  • Trying to create a courier contract with 0 day to complete now displays an error instead of failing silently.
  • Contracts created by a corporation and then accepted by a member of that corporation can be completed if the contract is expired.
  • The "Cynabal Blueprint" has been released and can be searched for in the contracting system.


  • The market group "Remote Hull Repairers" has been changed to "Remote Hull Repair Systems", the same has been done with the Blueprints market group.
  • Minimum volume in buy orders will still work even though the quantity left in the buy order becomes less than the minimum volume, in which case the minimum volume will become the buy orders quantity.
  • The name of the Silicon Diborite Reaction has been corrected as it was missing the second "i" in its name.

Science and Industry

  • Trying to trash a locked down blueprint displays a user error instead of failing silently.
  • You should now only be required to have a corporation wallet division selected when installing a manufacturing or research jobs that costs more than 0 ISK.
  • Invention requirements for Juggernaut and Bane torpedoes have been fixed.
  • The copy time of Miner II Blueprints has been changed to be inline with other tech 2 blueprints.
  • The effectiveness of time efficiency research of some tech 2 Assault, Heavy, and Light Missiles and Rockets have been increased.

LP Store

  • Numerous fixes and balancing have been performed on LP Offers.
  • Comma separators have been added to the prices in the LP store, i.e. 10000 is displayed as 10,000.

User Interface

  • EW timers appearing just above the ship UI have been moved up slightly so as to not overlap the ship's readout.
  • Windows should now remember their settings and position after the client has been restarted.
  • Font size in chat windows can now be increased to considerably larger than before.


  • The EVE client should no longer crash when the middle mouse button is used to talk with EVE Voice.
  • Some issues with the UI and Music sounds looping incorrectly, stopping or even in rare cases causing CTDs while docked in a station have been fixed.
  • The journal will now update research points correctly when they are used or new ones gained.
  • Newly created Minmatar Vherokior characters now receive Shield Operation level 4 as intended.
  • The gang option to "Broadcast Beacon" while having a Cynosural field active now works as intended.


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