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Monday, 16 July 2007
During the last few days, the following bug fixes have been pushed into the Dark Age of Camelot live servers.

  • Players who mistakenly got the Druid dragonslayer armor set may speak to the dragonslayer again to receive their correct armor set.
  • The Friar dragonslayer staff has had a few missing stat issues resolved.
  • The Heretic flex weapons have had a few stat issues resolved and the slash weapon now properly procs the slash resistance debuff.
  • The Medal of Honor and cloaks of Might and Magic will no longer auto split when picked up.
  • Fixes an issue with the quests that reward the Dragonslayer paladin and armsman armor in Albion.  The rewards for these quests are different for the Classic and Normal rulesets.  Unfortunately, the Normal ruleset quest was being offered on all rulesets.  This hotfix fixes that issue so that only the proper quest and rewards are offered on the Classic servers. 
  • Because some players on the Classic ruleset in Albion might have been able to receive the rewards for the Normal ruleset, we need to remove the reward that is specific to the Normal Ruleset.  This needs to be done as that reward has bonuses introduced with the Trials of Atlantis (TOA) expansion that should not be available on the classic ruleset.  Players with the Normal ruleset reward on the Classic ruleset will find that the item in question will delete itself from their inventory when they login.

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