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Tuesday, 31 July 2007
Tomorrow the DAOC game servers will be shut down at 5:00 AM EST to fix an issue in which some active accounts’ houses were showing condemned displays when they shouldn’t have been.
The following is instead the list of hotfixes that have been released yesterday:

  • Valkyries will now have a choice between the healer and melee version of the Dragon Slayer shield rewards.  The original NPC will offer a player the large healer shield as one of his options if they wish to trade-in their current weapon.  The apprentice NPC will offer the medium and small healer shields if the player wishes to trade-in their current weapon.
  • The secondary ability on the healer version of the Dragon Slayer shields has been changed from ‘Barbs’ to ‘King’s Shield’ based on feedback and internal testing.  This will take place retroactively and players can exchange their current Dragon Slayer weapons at any time if they wish to trade to or from the healer version of the Dragon Slayer shields.
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