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EVE Online patch notes for Revelations 2.1.1 E-mail
Monday, 06 August 2007

Patch Notes for Revelations 2.1.1

Fixes and Improvements


  • The memory leak, most visible when autopilot jumping long distances, has been plugged.
  • The game client no longer randomly crashes because of network traffic.
  • Character portraits that normally appear in the chat window are no longer deleted from the user's cache upon starting the game client.
  • Users with EVE Voice enabled will no longer suffer from the disappearance of Corporation or Alliance chat channels.
  • The In Game Browser works again with IGB-compliant websites.
  • Cloaking no longer spams Logserver with stacktrace errors.

Revelations 2.1.1-1 Hotfix released 1 August

  • Optimisations to the load balancer.

Revelations 2.1.1-2 Server-side Changes deployed 9 August

  • Fixes for occasional proxy crashes we have been experiencing on TQ.
  • Database procedure optimizations to reduce database lag and increase response time performance.
  • Starbase structures in incorrect states will now be handled gracefully by the servers (note- a side effect of this is Beam Laser Batteries will appear to continue firing after being incapacitated. This is a graphic error, the batteries are not inflicting damage. This graphic error will be resolved in the future).
  • The claim to sovereignty for an alliance with Constellation Sovereignty in that constellation has been increased to two downtimes.


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