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Drift City Open Beta Begins E-mail
Wednesday, 12 September 2007
The international version of the Korean Car Racing MMORPG Drift City is now available for free download and testing. Drift City is a multiplayer racing game with RPG elements like questing and leveling.

The game takes place in the near future where the world has been impacted due to the large shortage of oil. A new natural resource was discovered on a remote island called Mittron island. This resource was known as Mittron (named after the island). This resource became the preferred fuel for all methods of transportation. The interest has sparked the most in cars where Mittron fueled cars run much longer, cleaner, and faster than traditional gas-powered cars.

The government (named "The OMD government") becomes eager as the rest of the world, excited by this fuel, wants to form agreements to share the Mittron technology. But, mysterious cars only known as HUVs become a threat to the streets of Mittron Island, by terrorizing the streets. The situation became such a large problem that the OMD government imported professional drivers to assist in the increasing HUV problems.

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