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WWII Online Battleground Europe patch 1.27 E-mail
Wednesday, 12 September 2007
WWII Online Battleground Europe patch 1.27 has been released and campaign #38 has started. The latest update has mainly changed the way vehicles and weapons supply works, giving Tables of Equipments to brigades and divisions and limiting resupply from other towns.

WWIIOL - Battleground Europe

Tables of Equipment (TOE):
- Brigades and divisions now have a TOE
- These units no longer derive their spawn list from the towns and facilities where they are based
- Your supply of equipment travels with your brigade
- Supply has been increased as you will no longer have access to a fresh supply list every time you move, your resupply will come over time

- When you spawn a vehicle, a ticket is created requesting a Replacement in 4.5 hours - This ticket is deleted when your vehicle is returned home or Manually Supplied/Oversupplied
- Replacement time is lengthened if your factories sustain damage
- Replacement tickets will never oversupply a vehicle

Manual Resupply:
- You can manually replace lost vehicles at your brigade by spawning equipment from your Division HQ and de-spawning it at your Brigade
- The Division HQ will keep its Replacement ticket and the Brigade will remove a replacement ticket
- You cannot Manually Resupply equipment from Brigade to Brigade or Brigade to DivHQ
- DivHQ and Brigade must be in different towns when you spawn, as any missions posted at your Brigade's location will draw from your Brigade TOE
- You can only create missions that draw from your DivHQ if that DivHQ is in a town other than you Brigade

Manual Oversupply:
- You can Manually Supply vehicles above their normal capacity levels to the higher of 10% or 1 vehicle
- This means a vehicle with capacity of between 1 and 19 can receive 1 additional vehicle
- A vehicle with a capacity of 50 can receive 5 additional vehicles
- Same rules as Manual Supply apply
- Vehicles that would exceed the limit are Rescued (you are still awarded an RTB result)

- Vehicles that are RTB or Rescued will return to their point of origin
- Vehicles that cannot be delivered as resupply because the maximum number of vehicles has already been reached will return to their point of origin
- If you RTB someplace other than your Brigade or if you despawn with a "rescued" status, your vehicle does not go straight back on to your origin's TOE
- Its return is delayed by 15 minutes
- Your Replacement ticket is cancelled and a new ticket created for 15 minutes.

Brigade/Division Movement / Transfer:
- When a Brigade/Division moves from one town to another, all its available vehicles are taken off the spawn list and moved to the new location over time
- The TOE will 'trickle' in to the Brigade once every 2 minutes for 30 minutes
- This includes any vehicles that were still trickling from a previous move
- This does not include vehicles that still have valid Replacement or Rescue ticket
- Equipment is not available until it has been delivered at the new destination
- This move is standard for any movement of the Brigade including returning from off map or from using the fallback Brigade Objective

- When a Brigade or Division is moved manually or by routing to the Training Grounds, all of its supply is set to zero
- Only when it is redeployed onto the map does it begin Trickle Supply.

Trickle Supply:
- Trickle Supply creates supply tickets for all the vehicles not accounted for by existing Replacement or Rescue tickets for a given Brigade or Division
- The absent units are divided into groups, which are then delivered every 2 minutes over a total of 30 minutes
- Oversupplied vehicles are delivered last - so complete trickle may take longer than 30 minutes

Supply Processing/Factory Links:
- The supply chiefs process incoming supply in batches, and they process one batch every 15 seconds
- If a Brigade or Division has no Factory Links, each batch takes 10% longer to process
- A 15-minute ticket that is linked for 5 minutes and unlinked for 10 will require 16.5 minutes to come due
- Trickle and Replacement tickets that become due while a unit is cut off from Factory Links are discarded when they become due but will arrive when the Brigade regains a factory link and is in supply again
- Rescue and Transfers are still honored

- Depots spawn vehicles directly from your Brigade spawn list; however, unless you are executing a Hold-at-all-Costs order, they can only spawn a limited numbers over time
- This "throttle" is specific to the depot itself and not to your brigade
- If two or more Brigades, regardless of country, are in the same town attempting to spawn from the same depot and one spawns a Rifleman, players in each will see the number of available Riflemen at the depot decrease by one
- Each vehicle on the list will reset back to full when nobody has spawned one for 6 minutes

Deployments Removed:
- Prior to 1.27 several vehicles were "rare" - Paratroopers, Destroyers, Heavy Bombers
- These were introduced to spawn lists at specific towns and could only be relocated once a week
- Army units could post missions at Air and Navy facilities to provide defense
- Navy units could post missions at Army units where docks were available
- These have all been replaced

Paratroop Brigades:
- Paratroopers now have their own Divisions and Brigades
- Paratroop TOEs have both paratroopers and transport planes
- Paratroopers are accessed by creating a mission that has an army base as an origin
- Transport planes are accessed by creating a mission that has an air filed as an origin
- Paratroop units move like air units, from airfield to airfield, instead of like ground units, town to town

Naval Brigades:
- All naval Brigades and Divisions now have destroyers and transports on their TOE
- These units (ships) are only available to spawn when the Brigade is located at a town with a Naval Base (deep-water port)
- You can see deep-water ports by looking for the crossed cannon and anchor icon on the map or by looking for this icon on the Brigade roster

- Some Air Brigades will now have RDP bombers on their spawn list
- These units are balanced in quantity for each country and may not be oversupplied or resupplied from division HQ

Defensive Garrison:
- Naval and Air Brigades and Divisions now have defensive ground units
- These units are accessed by creating missions that have an army base as the origin
- These units are designed to give defensive forces to the Air or Navy unit they serve
- Using these forces will count rank toward your Air or Navy persona
- You can access these forces without changing Brigades, just look for a mission with an infantry icon on your Brigade Home

Brigade Movement:
- Brigades will continue to move as before with one noticeable exception: The new paratroop units will be listed as Army Brigades, but they will be moved like Air Brigades
- There is a minimum 15-minute delay between movements of any Brigade/Division HQ
- If the destination does not have a Factory Link, movement is delayed by 10% (16.5 minutes, moving behind the lines)
- After a Brigade/Division HQ has been moved, all of its Replacement and Rescue tickets remain intact but are delayed by 2 minutes
- All of its remaining equipment and equipment transfers are Transferred (see above) taking 30-33 minutes to return to the strength the unit was at prior to its move -- unless it is moved again before this time is up

- Fallback uses the overrun system, you must capture a facility (as the enemy) in a town and type /overrun (beta server only requires one overrun report and no EWS)
- The overrun system only checks for activity every 30 seconds so it can take a while to do its stuff - this system is unmodified from 1.26

Where's my stuff?
- You can see when the next resupply for your Brigade/Division is due by mousing over the Facility Name above the Vehicle Selection list of vehicles

Brigade Stacking:
- Each Brigade/Division now has its own spawn list, if you place two Brigades in the same town, you will have twice the equipment but each Brigade will only see its own list
- Brigades and Divisions from the same side may use each other’s Towns as if they were their own with no penalties or restrictions on moving, spawning, or creating missions.
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