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Friday, 28 September 2007
The Dofus servers are currently offline for the release of a new update. Some spells powers are being balanced and a few bugs are being fixed. Check the complete patch notes.



Dofus 28th September update patch notes

• Agressive Brambles: The spell may now be cast once per target in each turn.
• Critical Shooting: The effects of the spell will now last five turns.
• Heads or tails: Critical hit damage for level three has been corrected.
• Coagulation: When the spell is cast on an ally, the spell effects the intended target.
• Blow: Sight-line restrictions on the spell have been removed.
• Sacrifice: close combat attacks on sacrificed characters no longer affect both the sacrificed character and the caster, but only the latter.
• Spell Rebound: Spells no longer rebound close combat attacks.

• Aggression zones are now active for Otomai Island monsters.
• Monsters with minimal range for summoning can now summon correctly in close combat situations, once it’s their turn.

• Castaway Island: Monster respawn has been accelerated.

Objects :
• The key of the Hesque cave is available on Otomaï Island’s monsters.
• The key of the Hesque cave can now be crafted by handymen.
• Conquest prisms can be created by handymen.
• The level of the Bulbish potion has been corrected.
• Guild paddock potions can now be brewed by alchemists.
• Recipes for Guild House potions have been simplified.
• The recipe for the Jellibelt has been corrected.

• Characters will no longer be randomly teleported during combat.
• House safes will now contain 80 slots instead of 30.
• The Otomai Island zaap is no longer usable by characters who have not completed the Otamai Island quest.

• Ra and Pa type runes may now be created by combining classic runes (100 classic runes for Pa; 10 runes for Ra).
• Mounts and objects for rearing are no longer hidden in paddocks.

• The creatures summoned will gain a 1% bonus to healing spells per summoner level (they still have a 1% damage bonus per summoner level, but the damage bonus no longer affects healing).

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