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Dofus: reduction of Monsters Life Points E-mail
Monday, 01 October 2007
On the official Dofus web  site we found a clarification about the announced changes in monster life points.

We had announced a reduction of the Life Points of certain monsters for the update 1.20, in order to compensate for the reduction of the damage caused by Close Combat attacks.  

This reduction was already carried out at the time of the rollout of version 1.20.
All the monsters in the game were not affected by this reduction of Life Points.
We modified only the monsters for which the number of Life Points was too important.
The monsters for which the number of Life Points were already weak were not modified.
The majority of the more "popular" monsters were thus not affected by these reductions.

We reduced the Life Points of more than one third of the monsters of the game by 10 to 25 % on average.

These modifications seem sufficient to us at the present time, to compensate for the for the reduction of the close combat damage.

However, these modifications are not final. If it proves that these reductions were not sufficient, we will again modify the Life Points of monsters.

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