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EVE Online: CCP confirms they are still working on walking avatars E-mail
Friday, 28 September 2007
With a Dev Blog, Eris Discordia confirms that CCP work on Ambulation has never stopped.  Ambulation is an announced feature for EVE Online that will introduce walking player avatars in 3D space stations.


Through the course of our work on Ambulation, we’ve come to realize the potential a Tactical Map could have when it comes to things like war planning, logistics and complex fleet movements. The Tactical Map would be a 3D holographic image of the universe.

The difference between the Tactical Map and the F10 map is that the Tactical Map would allow interaction of multiple people simultaneously - with the expected moderator privileges, obviously. It's a collaborative tool, meant to aid corporations and alliances in dealing with the complexities inherent in tactically coordinating large numbers of people.

Picture, if you will, a meeting of the alliance directors in a room, gathered around the 3D (or 2D, whichever you prefer) map of the universe. A CEO presents her plans of world domination, starting with, for example, 3 regions first. She zooms in on the regions, dividing the forces and delegating a place for them on the map. You can easily see where your alliance has Outposts, Starbases, locations of supply stations etc. The Tactical Map should also be useful for individual pilots or smaller corporations who just want to see where friendly gangs are, where they are moving to (autopilot routes could possibly be shared) and if an enemy group has been sighted.

Right now, we’d like to ask what else you want to see on this Tactical Map. What other information should it show? We don´t want to limit ourselves to only combat functionality either, so if you have ideas that do not involve warfare, feel free to post that as well.

Seeing as we are still in the early design phase, we really want to gather some feedback and ideas so we can make sure that it turns out to be a useful tactical tool and not just a very pretty feature.

P.S. Some of these functions may be used in the F10 map if they prove to be popular. We think it´s also very likely that the F10 map and the tactical one may be linked to each other so that you can still use the information or the planned routes. Keep in mind that this is just the design phase and we will hammer out these details a bit later.

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