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EVE Online: Trinity FAQ E-mail
Monday, 26 November 2007
Tolas, an EVE Online player, member of the Aerthyrian Sovereignty, has compiled an informative FAQ on the EVE Online: Trinity update.


1) What is Trinity?
Trinity is the next patch scheduled to be released this winter that will add more game content and an upgraded client with improved performance and graphics. Full details on the patch can be found at the Official Trinity Website

2) When will Trinity be launched?
There is no official launch date for Trinity. CCP has said "This Winter" or "Soon™"

3) Do I need to upgrade my pc or video card?
No, but if you want to play the game with the updated graphics models and your current video card does not support Shader Model 3, then you would need to upgrade to one that does have that support. Again it is NOT necessary to upgrade hardware to continue to play EVE. If you have a DX8 card you will be able to use the DX8 rendering path in the new graphics engine with the current models/textures.

4) What are the requirements for the *optional* new Trinity models?
The new Trinity models require you to have a video card that Supports DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0

5) Will my *insert card here* work with the new Trinity models?
The easiest way to check this is to use the TOOL provided by CCP to check your video card for support. You can also read Bombcrater's Guide To SM3 Part 1 - Do I Have It? , since he was good enough to provide some very good info on the subject, or check your card manufacturer's site for detailed specs on your card.

6) I heard we need DX10 to run EVE when Trinity comes out, is that True?
Absolutely not. It uses DirectX 9.0c. The Devs have mentioned working on a DirectX 10 version of the client but that is NOT being released with Trinity. DirectX 10 is Vista only and you do NOT need Either to play EVE now or when Trinity launches.

7) What is the deal with all these version of the client people are talking about?
What CCP has said is, there will be 2 Versions of the client:

DirectX 8 which will be the current client with all the new content using the SAME MODELS that you see now
DirectX 9.0c WITH shader model 3 support which will be the client with all the new game content using the NEW models, shading and lighting

    Originally by: CCP 2kay
There will be two editions of the EVE client now, Trinity Classic with the old content, a more compact download which everyone will be able to run and Trinity, the upgraded client with the new content that utilizes the new graphics engine to its full potential. The latter will be a much larger download, so we will start by patching your existing Revelations II client to Trinity Classic. This will allow you to start playing immediately after we launch Trinity.

    After the Trinity Classic patch has been downloaded, the client will check your system to see if it supports the requirements to use the new content and if so we will offer to start the download in the background. Again, this will allow you to start playing immediately after Trinity's deployment and not have to wait for the new content to complete downloading. Finally, this will not force users who do not have systems that do not meet the requirements to download unneeded files.

8) I am on Singularity, where is all the new stuff?
While the new graphics engine is on Singularity, it DOES NOT INCLUDE the new graphics, models etc. Its also on a new mirror. New ships / scripts are not currently seeded.

*note* When Trinity launches, you CAN continue to use the same computer, video card, and in-game models that you play with now. You will get to use all the new ships, missions and other goodies without the fancy graphics using the DX8 client.

Read more about the Patch & Download process
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