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EVE Online: Trinity Known Issues E-mail
Monday, 10 December 2007
Until now Trinity, the newest game expansion for EVE Online, has received many praises both from veteran and new players. It is not common at all that a MMORPG developer decides that it is worth to invest into updating the Graphical engine and redesigning 70% of the game graphics instead than just putting all that time and money into a new game, and this gives a clear idea on how serious is CCP about the long term projects for EVE.
But as usual, the bigger the updates are, the longest the issue lists. So, forgetting for once the boot.ini issue that has been covered sufficiently by the other MMORPG websites, let's see what others are the known problems that came after the deployment of Trinity, while waiting, as usual, for a bugfixing patch.

EVE: Trinity Known Issues

The list below is the current list of known issues as of 6th December 2007.
Build 45017


  • Some graphical effects persist after a ship is destroyed. This is only visible to the pilot of the destroyed ship.
  • When cloaking, a ship's turrets do not fade out, but 'snap' into and out of existence.
  • Capital ships are affected by NPC EW.
  • The Guardian Vexor temporarily loses his drone bonus if stored in a ship maintenance array or in a ship maintenance bay, ejecting and boarding the ship should fix this.
  • A graphical error exists in the title of the fitting screen when used with the Augoror Navy Issue.
  • Ships do not always emerge at the correct angle when undocking.
  • Boarding a ship in space may occasionally result in the player becoming stuck. Please file a petition about this since we need as much information as possible.
  • When docked inside certain stations, the Naglfar is taller than the station allows for. They just build them bigger in Minmatar space.
  • The centre point of the Hulk is misplaced.
  • One of the fins on the Malediction ship model is misaligned.
  • There is a display glitch that can cause your cargo hold to display as having 1m3 space remaining, when it is in fact full.


  • There is no obvious graphical effect when activating an afterburner.
  • Interdictor warp disrupt probes do not interrupt warps that have already been started.
  • Logging off while having a cloaking module active may result in your ship not initiating emergency warp.
  • The graphical effect for sensor dampeners displays in the opposite direction to the target.
  • The range of ECM bursts is not affected by the Frequency Modulation skill.
  • A graphics effect is needed for the salvager.
  • Warning that pops up when fitting rigs does not mention that fitted rigs will also be destroyed if the ship is repackaged.
  • Missile rig bonuses are not shown in the Show info screen for loaded missiles with the exception of RoF bonuses, they are however applied.
  • Modules can in rare cases become stuck as active if they are activated by clicking the module rapidly with the mouse.
  • The salvage icon doesn't always appear next to the locked target you are using it on.
  • Drones do not always use their MWDs when returning to their home ship.
  • It is sometimes possible to activate more than one Tractor Beam on a cargo container.
  • The Tractor Beam effect appears detached from the ship emitting it.
  • A graphical error exists in the display of Micro Auxiliary Power Cores on the Market.
  • The Analyzer I module is incorrectly filed as a Target Painter.
  • Ice Miners do not deactivate when the mining ship’s cargo hold is full.
  • Discrepancies with onlining occur with packaged and unpackaged items of the same type.
  • Cynosural Field Generator Is incorrectly report that a player is warp scrambled when they are active.
  • Strip miners look too small when fitted onto mining barges.
  • Activating a Codebreaker on items with skill requirements will display the skill requirements of that item instead of stating you can't use the Codebreaker on that item.
  • When modules that have the Reactivation Delay are activated there is no visual indication as to when the reactivation delay timer ends.
  • The resistance bonus of Hakim's modified explosion dampening amplifier seems a bit underpowered compared to the tech 2 version.
  • Although the bonuses given by Ballistic Control Units are applied, there is no indication to that when show info windows are opened on the launchers or fitted missiles.

Drones & Fighters

  • Drones cannot be jammed through the use of ECM.
  • Drones start attacking random targets on rare occasions.
  • Drones draw too much aggression from NPCs.
  • Drones assigned to groups in the drone UI can be misplaced from their group if more than 5 drones are in the same group when they are launched.
  • The jamming timer is not displayed if successfully jammed by EW drones.
  • Drones you have launched engage spawn containers when you activate a Codebreaker or Analyzer on them.
  • Large amounts of Drones in the Drone Bay of your ship can cause excessive FPS reductions on your client.
  • Fighters that are attacking and are given the order to return to orbit shortly before their controller warps out do not always follow into warp but instead become idle.
  • Drones cannot attack secure containers.
  • Activating Remote Repairing drones on a friendly (non corp.) player in high security causes an aggression warning to pop up, however there is (correctly) no concord response.

Agents & Missions

  • Buying datacores with an outstanding BPO offer will not warn that the BPO offer will be revoked if datacores are bought.
  • Research points are not updated after buying datacores from an R&D agent, closing the window and starting a new conversation with the agent will show the correct research points that are left.
  • If you leave the game while in a complex, the timer for whether you warp back to your location or to the beginning of the complex is too short.
  • Ejecting from your ship if you are too close to an explorations site means you may be unable to warp back to your ship because of oversized deadspace signatures of some dungeons.
  • Storyline agent mails sent out just before down time can result in the storyline mission never being given.
  • Newly started research with an R&D agent will not show in the journal until next relog.
  • Completing a mission with a gang without the required item, does not inform you of unmet objectives.
  • Acceleration gates have an area of activation much larger than their graphical size would suggest.
  • The right click and Copy All ability is not returning the text from mission briefings.
  • When completing the Tutorial agent, it is unclear how to proceed to your next agent.
  • The standings applied by Datacenter agents are incorrect.
  • Storyline agents only give a warning once if a player refuses two missions within a four hour period, no matter if the "do not show again" checkbox was checked or not.
  • Accepting a R&D mission and then switching research will not automatically cancel the mission as it can no longer be completed.
  • Drones you control will not be displayed in the overview unless the following three states are checked in the overview filter: Pilot Neutral standing, Pilot is in your corporation and Pilot is in your alliance.
  • Acceleration gates in the Gurista Hideout exploration site are too far apart.
  • If structures in some encounter dungeons are destroyed before the commander is spawned it may not be possible to complete the dungeon in some cases.
  • 'Mission objectives completed' appears in the journal even if you have not picked up items required according to the mission details.
  • There have been reports of Security Agents handing out mining missions when they shouldn't.
  • NPCs are treating secure containers that are either anchored or unanchored valid targets and attacking them, often in preference to attacking the player. This does not seem to apply to jettison containers, which NPCs continue to ignore as they did before.


  • Contracting a corporately insured ship from the corporate hangar does not result in a warning message.
  • The incorrect message is displayed when trying to ignore a contractor in the contracting system while you ignore list is full.
  • Pressing enter while having the focus in the Item Type box in the available contracts window does not initiate the search.
  • Contract prizes received when completing a contract on behalf of you corporation is always deposited into the master wallet instead of the active wallet.
  • It is not possible to complete a Want to Trade item exchange contract that asks for a stack of items unless the stack of the same type in you hangar contains the exact number as requested and no other stacks of the same item either.
  • Protest' Large Armor repairer does not show up in contracts or auto linking.
  • Contracts fail when items already selected to be included in the contract change, f.ex. if more items are added to a stack of items due to a market buy order while the contract is being created.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

  • The -75% EW cycle time on Caldari Control Towers is not working.
  • Ship agility is not updated when refitting at a ship maintenance array.
  • The booster tutorial given by some agents is incorrect: you do not need to offline the entire Starbase, just the silos.
  • Ships located inside a control tower forcefield cannot be boarded except by pilots belonging to the corporation that owns the control tower.
  • Doomsday weapons penetrate control tower force fields if the pilot belongs to the same corporation as the control tower.
  • Silo's do not show the correct max volume when they are opened if the tower provides them with a bonus to cargo capacity.
  • Alliance corporations cannot see or retrieve copies made at Starbase mobile laboratories owned by another corp. in the same alliance.
  • Outpost platforms have no visual indication when anchoring and no anchoring timer.
  • Control Tower manage windows incorrectly show the towers shield recharging while it's in reinforced mode, this is only a display error as the shield is not actually recharging.
  • Some clients experience excessive CPU usage when combat occurs at a Tower.
  • When controlling a Sentry Gun the last character of the loaded ammunition is obscured by the ammunition icon.
  • Minmatar Basic Refinery Upgrade may occasionally require double resources to erect.
  • Graphical artifacts are present when using Sentry Guns and targeting something and using both the right and left click.
  • Hybrid Sentries are doing damage and being listed as the Control Tower, not the Turret itself.
  • The Tower fuel bonus is not including the Sovereignty level in its calculations. This is only a visual bug.
  • Stasis Webifier Tower effects still show on a ship even when out of range.
  • Low fuel DED mails are incorrectly being sent out for control towers not using heavy water and/or liquid ozone.
  • The shield level in the manage window of control towers in reinforced mode will display as if they are recharging when they are in fact not.
  • If one of the guns at a control tower is manually controlled to attack a corporation member, the next time that member warps in all onlined guns will attack without being commanded to do so, even if the corporation member moves inside the forcefield.
  • Shield resistance in control tower manage windows is not displaying the correct level of resistance if multiple hardeners have been onlined of the same type.
  • Alliance members cannot install copy jobs at a Research Laboratory at a control tower.
  • The Caldari outpost shows that there are two more offices available for rent then there actually are available.
  • Trash It' not working on ships stored in a ship maintenance array.
  • POS Jump Bridges are not listed in the structures tab after downtime.
  • In order to start invention on a BPC from a corporation hangar in station, there needs to be a BPC of the same type in the mobile lab at the POS.
  • When controlling Starbase Structures, there are some minor UI glitches when attempting to target more than 1 object simultaneously, or when taking control of a second structure while the first is still locking.
  • Sometimes shields are resetting to 50% after downtime on new or recharging starbases.

EVE Mail

  • Shooting the drones of an enemy does not put you on the kill mail if that enemy is destroyed.
  • The amount of text players can send in an eve mail was inadvertently reduced from 4000 characters to 1600 characters.
  • Deleting mailing lists incorrectly requires you to select/highlight the mailing list before you can right click and click delete.
  • Wrong ship types may appear in kill mails for those who use assigned fighters.
  • Dragging an item into a mail, note or chat window does not result in the item becoming linkable.


  • Some players experience an FPS drop after jumping through a gate. We need more information on this issue please!
  • Gate cloaked ships do not display correctly if you enter and exit the Star Map.
  • The zoom out button in the UI actually switches immediately to the next level of the seamless map rather than moving the camera within the current context.
  • Displaying the star field in the background after opening and closing the map has been reported as causing an FPS drop. We need more information on this please!
  • Jumping with the map open can in rare cases cause graphical issues, closing the map returns everything to normal.
  • Cosmic Agent Site Signatures do not have a label in the system map.
  • When in world map or system view level, the seamless zooms back to your ship each time you jump.
  • Labels for exploration sites don't appear if they are scanned with the map open.
  • Warping with the solar system view resets the view.
  • After closing the Star map while in a station, the current location and waypoints are displayed.


  • Green highlights in market buy orders do not highlight orders that can be sold to outside the station you are currently docked at.
  • Market orders in system with more than one station are highlighted incorrectly when set up with a range of “Station”.
  • The Daytrading skill is not displaying correctly in the Market window when the Procurement or Marketing skills have not been trained. The skill however does work properly; this is just a graphical error.
  • Changing the originating station in a buy order window will reset all other settings in the window.

EVE Voice

  • Intel 82801EB ER and Audigy 2 audio cards can cause the client to crash if eve voice is enabled.

Skills & Implants

  • Implants are sometimes lost when doing a clone jump, the circumstances where this happens are still unknown but are being investigated. Any additional info on this is appreciated.

New Player Experience

  • The tutorial does not mention how a player is supposed to join a player corporation.


  • Text in the price history graph can overlap if the market window is made small.
  • A player with the corporation role "Accountant" is not able to see or modify Corporation market orders.
  • Using the sort by filter option when viewing available contracts only sorts per page. It should sort all contracts so that A would be at the first page and Z on the last one.
  • There are still some issues with installing blueprints into laboratory slots failing silently when the user should receive user error message.
  • Ships sometimes do not dock when given the command to warp and dock.
  • When docking at a station that you have no aggression timer with while having a global criminal flag may create an aggression timer to the NPC corp. owning the station without displaying it to the player.
  • There is no warning when changing the location of your clone about if there is a medical facility in the station you select.
  • Empty and looted wrecks stay in the overview even if you have deselected them in overview settings.
  • Owners of conquerable stations are unable to give entire corporations discount to the refining service, only individual characters can be given a discount.
  • Star does not have an icon when hovering the mouse over them.
  • The maximum size of text written in the in game notepad is 7000 characters, if this limit is exceeded then there is no warning about the text being truncated.
  • The Overview can close on rare occasions, when forming a gang.
  • The Assets tab does not remember the state of the first Station in the list.
  • Explosions from Large Collidable Objects will occasionally persist in warp.
  • Many people joining a channel at once can result in the member list not displaying properly on all clients.
  • The minibrowser on the Character Select screen does not respond to keybinds properly.
  • Renaming entries in the Notepad does not update until a new entry is made.
  • There are several issues relating to the German translations used for localization.
  • Installed jobs that finish at midnight (00:00) do not display the time.
  • Positive and negative markers do not appear in channels at login, until the icons are refreshed.
  • The Blood Arch Sage NPCs are dropping incorrect loot.
  • It is not always possible to complete the biomassing of a character.
  • Switching from Icon view to Detail view whilst trading with another player causes the icons to overlap.
  • The Electronic Warfare skill has an incorrect description.
  • Wing Commanders and Squad Commanders are unable to tag targets correctly, using the overview.
  • The LP window does not remain docked when stacked with other items.
  • Incorrect “Add Waypoint” option appears when right clicking items in space.
  • The time spent in an Alliance is being misrepresented on the Character Login screen.
  • After creating a new character and then backtracking and trashing your changes, the audio continues to loop.
  • Unblocking a character adds them to your Buddy list.
  • The size of the Character Bio is limited to 1000 characters including spaces, carriage returns and punctuation.
  • The font change icons disappear from the chat windows, but are still usable.
  • When a Ctrl-MouseLeftClick is used to lock a target and it fails, no notify message pops up explaining why it failed.
  • Clients started with "/end /LUA:OFF" revert to using the cache in My Documents when restarted due to connection loss.
  • The Support link inside the IGB standard homepage does not work.
  • The trouble shooter button in the Esc menu, audio tab below the eve voice echo test button does not work.
  • If the Merge items and ships option is checked in the Esc->Generic tab then it will be impossible to restore minimized ships or items windows.
  • Loaning an insured ship via loan contract on behalf of your corp. causes two warning messages to pop up during the creation that contradict each other, if corp. members with the ship on loan get shot down the corporation should receive the insurance payout.
  • The client sometimes crashes after the initial splash screen has been displayed, more info on this is needed so send us a bug report if you have noticed this issue with a logfile attached.
  • Shares owned by terminated characters need to be given back to the corporation to prevent corporations from losing the majority votes.
  • Aiding a customs officer in high sec will result in Concord viewing you as a criminal and will destroy your ship.
  • A small number of linked Jump Bridge Arrays have become broken during a downtime.
  • Doing stack all in either the ships hangar or items hangar will be applied to both instead of just the hangar the where the command was issued.
  • Changing the content of your items hangar while browsing the LP store can sometimes cause the eve client to hang for a few seconds.
  • A delete button for closed sanctionable votes has been a popular request from players; hopefully this will be implemented in the near future.
  • Not having the skill margin trading trained and setting up buy orders can result in the wallet showing that additional -0.10 ISK is needed.
  • Trying to create the 10th chat channel or mailing list will give the error message that you cannot create more which is correct but the message entails that 11 channels or mailing lists is the maximum.
  • Characters that have been added to the address book are sometimes shown as being online when they are offline.
  • Changing the clock of your computer by a year or more can cause eve to reset to default settings once it is rebooted.
  • You would need 1.30 ISK to complete this operation, while you only have 1.30 ISK, this issue is being looked into.
  • LP amount in the journal does not update when items are bought from the LP Store.
  • Refusing to pay the CSPA charge for initiating a conversation with another player still puts you into an empty chat window.
  • It has been reported that clients loose connection during the character creation process, we are looking into this.
  • Declining applications sent in by characters that have already joined another corporation and have received roles is not possible.
  • Jita causes some players to become stuck when more than 700 players are in the system.
  • Moving bookmarks directly to the corp. hangar fails, so please move them to your personal hangar first.
  • The in-game Calculator ignores decimal separator regional settings, and always expects a "." for the separator
  • When the option for "pilot is in your alliance" is unchecked everything related to the alliance i.e. alliance member, their wrecks and even jettison containers disappear from the overview.
  • There is some lag experienced when opening a wreck that contains loot.
  • Setting Waypoints from the bookmark list causes it to reset and scroll to the bottom.
  • There is no LP Store for Agents whose corporation has no stations.
  • In a moderated channel, when an admin or channel owner selects the channel context menu on a player, "mute" option is called "unmute". This does not apply to EVE Voice.
  • Exceptions will sometimes be thrown in the logserver when closing the client.

Premium Client

  • Having Bloom enabled causes artifacts when a laser beam intersects a glass surface.
  • When running multiple Premium clients on the same machine you might experience a severe drop in FPS for both clients, compared to running a single Premium client.
  • The Merlin model has two extra thruster trails in the Premium client.
  • NPC ships do not display engine effects and engine trails when moving.
  • The Light Electron Blaster II has the same model as the Dual 150mm Railgun II.
  • Star map will appear grayed out if viewed with the option "No region names" selected.

Technical Issues

  • The Trinity client causes graphical issues with ATI X1950 video cards.
  • ATI X1950 video cards have problems with rendering suns and related effects.

TransGaming Issues

  • Use of the NV_VAR option will cause a number of issues in the game. We are in contact with nVidia to get this issue resolved in the next version of the drivers. Until then we recommend not turning on this function. TransGaming will be issuing a revised set of default setting that has this disabled that will be included in the patch. Please do not enable this option again after EVE: Trinity deployment until we have the new driver versions from nVidia.
  • The first 5 seconds of the Introduction movie is not showing up.
  • It is possible to turn windows inside out by clicking and dragging the edge of a window across and over the opposite side of the window.
  • The clients sometimes do not recognize a disconnection as soon as it happens, but stays
  • The mini map pictures that can be seen in Mission journal and by pressing F11 are not correctly rendered.
  • There are a number of keyboard layout related issues. If your keyboard isn't working correctly, please send us a bug report (
  • Copy/paste buffer from EVE to/from desktop applications doesn't work.
  • Unicode letters are not supported and therefore show up as squares.
  • The icon zoom feature of the Neocom does not work.
  • Sometimes the sound still plays after shutting down the client
  • Sometimes the textures are not correctly rendered which results in ships showing up in incorrect colors.
  • Sometimes the Mac client will crash when loading a grid with a big number of entities (170+).
  • The cargo hold graphical indicator is not correctly showing up.
  • Sometimes the warp tunnel effect is not showing up correctly.
  • The Top left Icon in Wallet window is overlaying the "My wallet" tab.

Post-Deployment Issues

  • Reactor Array structures were renamed in Trinity. Current moon mining structures active will get stuck and not appear in the starbase management window. Please file a petition under Gameplay - Player Owned Structures if you have been affected by this issue.
  • The mission In the Shadow of War (4 of 5) cannot be completed, as the Civilian Analyzer cannot be used on the target container to obtain the mission item. Please file a petition if you encounter this problem.
  • If the user is behind a firewall or has network issues, thus preventing the client to connect to "" on port 80 in the login screen, keyboard input will be disabled.
  • In some cases implants will be lost when clone jumping. We are currently investigating the issue and we need more details.
  • Jump bridges will not function if they are located in a system that has not been loaded yet. Please contact Customer Support via a petition if you encounter this problem.
  • Jump bridges are only usable by the owning corporation, regardless of settings.
  • Jump bridges only work one way. We need more information about this.
  • Some towers are reported to be missing shields after the patch deployment. Please try to reset the tower password if you encounter this issue.
  • Control towers that came out of reinforced mode during the downtime will not work. Please contact Customer Support if you have been affected by this problem.
  • Sometimes missions are not clearing out of the journal and mission complexes are not despawning when a mission is completed. Contact Customer Support if you encounter this issue.
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