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Monday, 25 February 2008
The 5th EVE Online Alliance Tournament has been announced and the bravest capsuleers have once again been called to battle for fame, honour and fortune.
16 matches will be hosted per day and streamed from CCP's studio in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is a multi-stage championship, similar to the FIFA World Cup. The 40 teams are divided into 8 groups, with the two victors from each group progressing to a knockout phase compromised of four single-elimination rounds. A firm winner will be determined after this elimination round.

Here are the rules:
  1. This is a bracket tournament with eight brackets, five teams in each bracket, for a total number of 40 teams.
  2. Two teams with the highest points scored in each bracket advance to the elimination rounds.
  3. Alliances can field up to ten pilots on the battlefield. The team captain has to be announced beforehand. Any alliance member can fight at any time.
  4. Alliances will be allowed entry on a first-come first-serve basis.
  5. A pilot cannot compete on behalf of more than one alliance at a time.
  6. All competing pilots must be members of the alliance they are competing at the time they fight.
  7. Fights are limited to 15 minutes in the first round. After that the fight will be stopped and whichever alliance has destroyed ships with a higher number of total point worth will be declared winner. See, "Winning a match in the group stage" for more details.
  8. In the elimination rounds, fights will be stopped after 20 minutes if both teams still have ships on the battlefield. The winners will be declared based on the following:
    8.1. The team with the higher number of total point worth of opponents ships destroyed, wins.
    8.2. If both teams have destroyed equal amounts total point worth, the team which advanced from the brackets with a higher total score will advance.
  9. Intentional podkilling is NOT allowed. Accidental podkills will be reimbursed and no penalties incurred.

Entry fee
Entry fee is one billion ISK. The fee is returned once the group stage is finished and the team has participated in all of its scheduled fights.

Place and Tactics
  1. Teams are brought to a star system in uncharted space and designated as Team 1 and Team 2.
  2. There are eight beacons in the system, which serve as start off points. Four beacons are marked for Team 1 and four marked for Team 2. The teams must assemble at any of the four beacons designated for their team.
  3. Once the word is given, teams warp in to the arena from whichever beacon they assembled, at a range they prefer, up to a maximum of 50 km. Team members are allowed to warp in at different ranges.
  4. The arena will measure a 125 km radius.
  5. After the teams have warped in to the arena, they will wait for EVETV clearance to begin the fight. This is to allow time to set up the cameras.
  6. When EVETV is ready, the host sets of a powerful ECM burst and warps off. This signals the start of the fight.
  7. If a player warps out/leaves the arena, His/her ship will be destroyed.
  8. Warping within the arena is not allowed.
  9. Dropping secure or insecure cargo containers is not allowed. Dropping regular jettison containers is allowed.
  10. Locking the enemy team before the match starts is NOT allowed.
  11. Moving ships to improve positions before the match starts is NOT allowed.

  1. Each team has 100 points to select their ships. Teams must use a minimum of 75 points.
  2. Each team may have up to 10 ships on the battlefield.
  3. Unused points will be added to the opponents score.
  4. The ship points table is as follows, ship types not listed in the table are not allowed:
  5. Non combat ships are NOT allowed.

Point Value and Hull type
  • 32 - Battleship, Faction or Tech 2
  • 26 - Battleship
  • 26 - Battlecruiser, Tech 2
  • 21 - Logistics Cruisers
  • 19 - Recon Cruiser or Heavy Interdictors
  • 18 - Battlecruiser
  • 17 - Cruiser, Heavy Assault
  • 13 - Cruiser, Faction
  • 10 - Cruiser
  • 8 -- Bombers or Interdictors
  • 8 -- Electronic Attack Frigates
  • 6 -- Interceptors or Assault frigates
  • 5 -- Destroyer
  • 4 -- Frigate, Faction
  • 3 -- Frigate

  1. All T1 and T2 drones and modules are allowed.
  2. Target jamming modules and drones are allowed.
  3. Sensor dampening and tracking disrupting modules/drones are allowed.
  4. All drones are allowed.
  5. Cap Boosters are allowed.
  6. All ammunition and missiles are allowed.
  7. Boosters are NOT allowed.
  8. Pirate Implant sets are NOT allowed.
  9. Rigs are NOT allowed.
  10. [*]Cloaking is NOT allowed.
    [*]Faction, COSMOS, dead space and officer modules are NOT allowed.

 Winning a match in the group stage

  1. In each match, teams get points for killing ships, based on their value in the rules.
  2. The more ships you kill, the more points you get, with winner of a fight decided by who kills the most points.
  3. For winning a fight, a team will receive a 25% bonus to the points they score.
  4. If you kill the entire opposing team without losing a single ship, it is considered “TÖTALHELLDEATH”. You get 150 points total (a 50% bonus). This requires a perfect win. Breaking the rules in the match will void the “TÖTALHELLDEATH."
  5. At the end of the group stage, the top 2 teams in each group by points scored will go through to the finals.

  1. A player found breaking any of the above rules can be penalized in various degrees, depending on the severity of their offence.
  2. Penalties will be in the form of point deductions.
  3. In elimination rounds, the penalty will be in the form of healing the offending ship(s) shield / armor / hull / capacitor to 50%, and then removing them from the fight for subsequent offences.
  4. A player or team can be banned from competing for one or more matches.
  5. A player or alliance can be banned from competing for the remainder of the tournament, and/or any future tournaments.

Tournament Prizes

  • Check out the prizes at the bottom of the rules page
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