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EVE Online: Quarterly Economic Report E-mail
Monday, 25 February 2008
Dr Eyjo, the real world economist hired by CCP to examine and report about production, profit, prices and growth in EVE Online, has released his economic report for the 4th quarter of 2007.
The report is downloadable as a PDF from here .


Some tidbits from the report:

"Finally we have the almighty tritanium, the core ingredient of almost every manufactured item in EVE. By far the most traded low-end mineral, total volume rose from 659 trillion units in september to 805 trillion in december. it is the only mineral to increase in total volume for Q4. price per unit rose sharply in september from 2.5 isk to 3.6 isk before declining steadily over the quarter, trading at 2.8 isk per unit towards the end of december."

"Examining the composition of the gup reveals that the greatest single part of gup is the manufacturing of final goods. But the contribution of other parts has been growing throughout the investigated time period as well. the share of services purchased by the environment has been growing most rapidly compared to the share of manufactures. fixed investments to future production capacity, to the extent they are measured in this study, have also been growing. this, along with more details, will become available later this year with the formal publication of the hiit report on macroeconomic indicators in virtual economies."
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