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Monday, 25 August 2008
EverQuest 2 GU48 is going to feature improvements and addition to the Everfrost zone. The changes will be especially appreciated by players in the 40-50 level range who enjoys soloing.


-Come to Visit, Stay to Play!-

Better'a brought yer' milkbones...

When Breaking Ground goes live, adventurers in the level 40-50 range will find that Everfrost is a great place to visit! Easier creatures can be found near the entrance of the zone, but players who venture further will face increasingly difficult challenges as they journey into the icy passes of Everfrost, either alone or with friends.

And while groups are always welcome, Everfrost's mob tiers will now have a solo-friendly progression. For the brave at heart, heroic content can still be found in Icewail Caverns, Icegill Lagoon, and the Icespire Caverns.

In addition, adventurers will find several new NPC's who seek assistance with various tasks. Are you up to the challenge?

Thermal underwear, anyone?

All the Conveniences of Home!

No more running back to town for repairs, buying, selling and banking! A mender, merchant and banker have set up camp in Stormedge Isle.  You’ll also find that Bitterwind Trench, Hollowfrost Grove and Guardian’s Gulch are convenient places conduct business.

Come see me, if ye're seeking adventure!

We may be pioneers, but we'll still kick yer' tail!

Frozen to his bones!
Check with the Venturs if you're seeking to help.
And I thought "coldblooded" meant something else!

Traveling Made Easy!

You can leave your breadcrumbs at home. Adventurers will now be able to travel easily from Jagged Plains to Hollowfrost Grove, via a new tunnel in the mountains which creates a full circular path around the zone.

Maybe tempting, but watch those blades, ladies!

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