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Thursday, 18 September 2008
Once there was a grand fortress of benevolence beneath the Commonlands. Now, there is a cursed dungeon. This is Befallen, the ancient and haunted underground citadel that once was home to the now defunct Order of Marr's Fist. They built this fortress to serve as the launching point for their efforts to defend the Commonlands against orcs and giants. In this, they were successful... Sadly, their victory was short lived and a powerful evil invaded the fortress and brought about the horrific deaths of the noble knights.

Long ago, The Knights of Truth charged one of their bravest knights, Lord William Taros, to create a new order and set them to defend the Commonlands. Thus, The Order of Marr's Fist was born.
They built their fortress within the easily defensible system of caves within the foothills of the Commonlands. Marrsfist Keep soon came under attack from the orcs and bandits who frequented the area and many knights fell in the battles that followed.

During this time of hardship, Gynok Moltor arrived in their midst. Gynok was once a Guard Captain of Qeynos. Cursed by the High Shaman of the Blackburrow gnolls, Opalla, he was exiled from Qeynos. As he traveled Norrath, those around him fell victim to the curse and Gynok spiraled down into despair and self-loathing. Still a fearsome warrior, despite the curse, Gynok's prowess in battle inspired the knights of Marr and helped them renew their battle for the Commonlands.

The knights of Marr's Fist welcomed Gynok... and their downfall, with open arms. As the fierce warrior descended further into madness, his sleep became haunted with visions of cruelties. Voices whispered to him, urging him to follow his dreams. The knights grew worried, but allowed him to remain. Their act of kindness was their last and out of their slaughter rose Befallen.
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