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EQ2 The Shadow Odyssey available for preorder E-mail
Tuesday, 14 October 2008
Starting from today the 5th EverQuest 2 expansion named The Shadow Odyssey is available for preorder . Check our previous article for more information about The Shadow Odyssey .

Game Features!

  • Journey through more than 20 new zones, including the new overland zone: Tthe Moors of Ykesha.
  • Experience nostalgic EverQuest dungeon themes, such as: Najena, Mistmoore and The Sebilisian Empire. Adventure through more than 18 goal-based dungeons, such as Ruins of Guk and Befallen.
  • The Achievement Point level cap will be increased to 200 to offer new achievements for class specific lines.
  • A new Dungeon Delving mission system for players to replay content with new and different experiences.
  • Five new Heritage Quests with unique rewards being added.
  • A mysterious group of erudites with powerful new armor and equipment will barter for void shards earned during your encounters. 
  • Epic tales of the odyssey are told through battles with dozens of new creatures and hundreds of new quests.
  • Two new deities have returned to Norrath: Rodcet Nife and Anashti Sul.
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