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Eve Online Patch Notes for Empyrean Age 1.1 E-mail
Thursday, 18 September 2008

Patch notes for Empyrean Age 1.1, released 2 September 2008

Table of Contents



CONCORD and Response Times

  • CONCORD have gone through multiple changes in organization and effectiveness. The spawn sizes have been reduced to one battleship and two cruisers, however, these ships have increased damage output and a broad range of electronic warfare to prevent escape. In addition the Energy Neutralizing batteries will completely drain a ships capacitor almost instantly. CONCORD will also proceed to eliminate any discarded player drones. CONCORD response times for aggressing a neutral player in High Security space have also been significantly reduced. Further details can be found in the Serious Security Blog by Fear.
  • Aiding someone who is being attacked by the Faction Military now triggers a second spawn to aggress the person who is assisting with remote repairing.

CONCORD and Criminal Standings

  • Multiple changes have been made in standing hits for players who aggress a neutral player in High Security space. In addition to a significantly reduced CONCORD response time, players will receive a standings hit based on the security rating of a system in which the attack takes place. The base value for aggression is now increased by a factor of 3. Base values are Aggression of 1.5%, Ship kill is 6% and a pod kill is 37.5% Security penalties also depend on the difference between the security status of the aggressor and the victim.
  • Players security status is now rounded to 2 decimal digits for comparison in Faction Police response. The change in how security status is now derived means that current standings will be rounded up to 2 decimal places. Players who are sitting as borderline criminals in some high security systems will now become outlaws as their standings may have been affected. An example of this would be a player in a 0.8 system with a -3.0 standing, in which the true standing is -3.0499999 will be rounded up to -3.05 meaning they move from safe to outlaw status and would be destroyed by Faction Police upon undocking from a station. It is also worthwhile noting that once you have been naughty enough to warrant a security status of below or equal to -5.0, you will be considered an outlaw and whenever you attack someone in a low security system you will become criminally flagged, as long as your target has a security status above -5.0. The table below shows the minimum security standing required to be able to enter a solar system:
    • -2.00 for access to 1.0 security level systems
    • -2.50 for access to 0.9 security level systems
    • -3.00 for access to 0.8 security level systems
    • -3.50 for access to 0.7 security level systems
    • -4.00 for access to 0.6 security level systems
    • -4.50 for access to 0.5 security level systems


Agents & Missions

  • Over 70 new rookie missions and around 100 new missions for all levels and Empire factions have been added.



  • Build times for shuttles have been reduced by 33%
  • Caracal description now clarifies that the missile velocity bonus only applies to Light, Heavy Assault and Heavy Missiles.
  • A change has been made to fitting ships in space that allows the agility attribute to be applied immediately when adding modules or rigs that affect a ships agility.


  • The Synthetic Hull Conversion Inertia Stabilizers I has been added to the variation tab of Inertia Stabilizers.
  • The Energy Grid Upgrades skill requirement has been lowered to 3 in order to use the module Capacitor Flux Coil I.
  • Faction variants have been added to "Heavy Assault Missile Launcher" variations tab. Now it shows six Faction variants and their correct meta levels.
  • Various missile launchers have had their capacities increased to be consistent with their meta level.
  • Tech II miners and strip miners now display attributes with correct units.
  • The Yan Jung bpc "'Radical' Damage Control I" now requires Yan Jung skills and components.

Weapons & Ammunition

  • The cost of Arch Angel Fusion L ammo has been reduced and brought into line with the other faction variants within the Angel Cartel Loyalty Point stores.
  • The Phased Plasma M BPO now no longer requires Zydrine in order to manufacture, however, more Pyerite, Mexallon and Isogen are required to balance the cost.

Player Owned Structures, Stations and Outposts

  • The “Claim Sovereignty” tab option has been removed from all Player Owned Structures in High Security and Low Security space.
  • Player Owned Structures name now has a 32 character limit.
  • Adjusted the message that the attacker receives when a targeted starbase goes into reinforced.
  • No Green Box appears when anchoring a Control Tower. It automatically moves now to the center of grid to get anchored.
  • Reactions can now be dragged and dropped to reactor arrays from cargohold and vice versa.
  • The General Storage structure has had its description modified.
  • The proper error message is displayed and ship is not launched out of a Ship Maintenance Array in space if appropriate skills are not trained to fly that ship.

Character Creation & New Player Experience

  • A number of buttons in the New Player Experience have been changed from "OK" to "Next".

Agents and Missions

  • The difficulty of Factional Warfare missions (Levels 1-4) have been reduced.


  • Players who attack and kill a member of any Non Player Corporation e.g. Brutor Tribe, State Protectorate in 0.0 space will no longer receive a standing hit to that Corporation
  • Control Bunkers in conquerable systems in factional warfare have been significantly increased in strength.
  • You can now armor repair or shield repair a Customs Officer without issue and without generating a warning message.

Science & Industry

  • The Science & Industry Accept Quote window has been improved and will now detail the amount of a material missing from a job for it to be installed along with cosmetic layout improvements.
  • The Invention time for the Passive Targeter I Blueprint has been reduced to bring it in line with similar blueprints.
  • Construction Component Blueprints have had their productivity modifiers changed to bring them in line with other blueprints.

Market & Contracts

  • Blank windows will no longer appear in the market search if the prefs.ini is amended from "decimal=." to "decimal=,
  • The market window can now be set to not automatically refresh after buying or selling items as a new option in the Market > settings tab.
  • The following COSMOS items have been added to the Contracts search bar: “Kindred” Stabilization Actuator I Blueprint, Synthetic Hull Conversion Inertia Stabilizers I, Synthetic Hull Conversion Inertia Stabilizers I Blueprint, Small “Integrative” Hull Repair Unit Blueprint, Medium “Integrative” Hull Repair Unit Blueprint, “Delineative'” Warp Scrambler Blueprint, “Inception” Target Painter I Blueprint, Gravimetric Firewall, 425mm Medium “Jolt” Autocannon I Blueprint, Gurista Shuttle.
  • The Market item price history table has been changed so that it will display only the time period selected rather than a list for the full year.

Corporation & Alliance

  • "Closed Votes" tab has been optimized. Only the last 20 closed votes will be shown by default. To view all closed votes, you must select show all button.
  • In addition the "Not in Effect" tab has been optimized. Only non-expired actions not in effect will be shown by default. To view all actions not in effect, you must select the show all button.
  • If applying for multiple corporations, the applications can be processed by other corporations even after character is accepted into one of his/her “applied to” Corporations.

Graphics General

  • Hull fire effects on the Prophecy have been made a little less dramatic.

User Interface

  • Changes have been made to the Tabbed Overview and Bracket settings that allow for easy loading of pre-saved settings.
  • Initiating warp will now cancel self destruct of a ship or pod. There has also been an update message added every 10 seconds once self destruct becomes imminent.
  • Changes have been made to the Compare tool on the Variations tab to allow for up and down arrows as well as highlighting the sorting columns.
  • Moons will now display correctly using ALT + X when using the default or a saved overview that contains moons in its setting
  • The market window will now have auto-refresh enabled by default. Turning auto-refresh off will prevent players from seeing modified or additional orders created by other players on the market unless they actively refresh the window. In addition the "reload" button should only appear when you are selling or buying an item and you have the "details" tab open on the item you are selling or buying.
  • You can now filter the Buddy List to show which of your contacts are online and offline.
  • The station services panel is now able to be moved when docked in a station. Previously the panel was fixed, but now you can move it around, resize it, pin it and minimize it.
  • Players can now access Factional Warfare statistics from the Battlefield intelligence information for your faction in space rather than having to dock to see this information.
  • "Expand" and "Collapse" icons for market filters have been replaced with funnel icons.
  • Changed the inconsistent right click menu for modules that cycle i.e. Guns/Missile Launchers, Armor Repairer or Shield Booster. The menu will now give options “Set auto-repeat on”, “Set auto-repeat off”, “Set auto-reload on” or “Set auto-reload off”.
  • It is no longer possible to access the Loyalty Point store while in space.
  • A new Militia office icon is displayed on the NeoCom if the user is signed up for Factional Warfare, allowing access to Factional Warfare statistics in space. If a player is docked in a Factional Warfare station belonging to one of the four Militias, then the Militia office icon is displayed in the station services panel as before, for sign up or access to statistics.
  • If you have custom tab(s) in your overview then there is no "default" tab anymore. The "default" tab is only loaded if you have no tab settings. You can have up to 5 custom tabs.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

  • The channel list no longer refreshes on player join/leave events. This change now makes scrolling to a channel much easier.

CONCORD and Killmails

  • The notification message from CONCORD when attempting to jump to a High Security system when a player has a Global Criminal Flag is now only displayed when crossing security boundaries, i.e., from a Low Security or 0.0 system. It is not displayed when jumping from one High Security system to another.
  • The warning message when a player is jumping into a Low Security or 0.0 system is now only displayed when jumping from a High Security systems. Making further jumps within low security or 0.0 space will not generate the same warning every jump.


  • An issue regarding the login music has been resolved. The theme music will keep on playing while logging in and also on the character selection screen.
  • 8 Militia stations now have working Science and Industry tabs. The stations can be found at:
    • Iesa IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Testing Facilities 13
    • Asakai II - State Protectorate Testing Facilities 13
    • Ostingele IV - Federal Defence Union Testing Facilities
    • Ebolfer V - Tribal Liberation Force Testing Facilities
    • Halmah IV - 24th Imperial Crusade Assembly Plant
    • Enaluri V - State Protectorate Assembly Plant
    • Eugales V - Federal Defence Union Assembly Plant
    • Eszur III - Tribal Liberation Force Assembly Plant
  • Changes have been made on the EVE website regarding exactly what information is available through the EVE API key.
  • Jump cloning to a clone in the same station in which you are currently docked will now be possible due an improvement in the Jump Clone mechanism. The new change means that implants will no longer be destroyed.
  • DirectX will now be handled by the installer and patcher in order to allow DirectX to be installed when a player does not have administrator privileges on a computer. Please note that the installer and patcher require administrator privileges and these are used to install DirectX.
  • All clone types will now display in the EVE API with correct skillpoints associated with each clone grade.
  • Multiple changes have been made which allows the EVE API to display the character who owns a Corporation, character who is a director, various role combinations for each role list in Corporation roles at HQ and Corporation roles at base and a list of various Title combinations.
  • 3 new pages EVE API pages have been added to the Corporation folder. Member Security displays a list of all members within a given corporation, their roles (titles NOT included) and their titles. Titles displays a list of all titles that exist for a given Corporation. Member Security Log displays a list of role changes. Each change includes IDs and Names of the characters involved, location type of the roles, old roles and new roles. You must be a CEO or director to access this information.
  • Added a small API section to the My Character page which includes a link to the API key.
  • A new API page has been added which displays a container log for a Corporation. This new page will list and display the date, time, item, type, character, location and action taken. The list will also show the last one week of entries.
  • A new API page has been added to show Character, Corporation and Alliance standings.
  • Added a Corporation Shareholders page within the API. This will allow shareholder information to be exported by a CEO or director. The list will display two lists, one for character shareholders and the other for corporation shareholders.
  • A warning is now displayed when creating a clone at a station that lacks a medical facility A window will display stations with medical facilities and stations without them. If you insist on choosing a station without medical facilities then a warning is displayed.
  • It is now possible to view Rank Decorations for Factional Warfare via the Show Info feature.
  • The maximum warp speed of any ship displayed will now round up or down to one decimal place.
  • The Factional Warfare stats page has had the "Victory Points last week" and "Victory Points Total" added to the exported API xml file.
  • EVE API: CharacterID.xml.aspx will now accept characters with periods or dots in their name.
  • The client will now detect old and out of date patches and successfully remove them as necessary.
  • We have upgraded the software that is behind the images in the solar system browser, in the mission details and the graphs in the market window.
  • Using non-English characters in a Windows user name will no longer cause the Map browser to appear as white and blank.
  • Removing EVE via the uninstall option will now removed the EVE program files correctly. Please note that this will only affect new installs post Empyrean AGE 1.1 patch.
  • The EVE Icon will now be removed from the Media Center upon uninstalling the EVE client.
  • A warning will be displayed to state that all files will be removed from the EVE folder when uninstalling the EVE client.
  • Upgrading from Classic to Premium will now close any running instances of the client in order to upgrade to the new client.
  • EVE API: CharacterID.xml.aspx will not accept characters with periods or dots in their name.

Database Optimizations and Improvements

  • Many database improvements and optimizations have been added to benefit players in many ways, ranging from a better and more efficient development environment on our side to a leaner and faster database on Tranquilty.
  • The database will now generate population statistics from systems with more than 5 players at any given time. This information will be used to analyze load balancing in heavily populated areas.
  • Improvements have been made during the start up of Tranquility. These changes minimize the risk of start up problems, reduces the chances of a restart in case of failure and allows us to preload more solar systems.
  • More analysis data will be collected in order to allow us to investigate reports of disconnects to improve player experience.

Static Data Export Database

  • Various corrections have been made to column data types in many locations.
  • The SQL data dump has had some legacy columns no longer used removed.
  • Listed base prices have been corrected. Some types were being displayed incorrectly.
  • Superfluous stored procedures have been removed as they were unnecessary.



  • Launching fighters from a Carrier or Mothership and then pressing F10 for the map page will no longer cause a client crash.
  • A bug that wouldn’t allow Rorqual pilots to select their cargo hold as the input/output location on installing a job when right-clicking on the blueprint has been fixed.
  • It will no longer be possible to place a clone in the Rorqual when the clone vat bay is offline due to the ship being docked in a station. Players will now receive a message stating "You cannot install a clone in your ship as the required systems are not online and active".
  • A grammatical error in the description field of the Harbinger has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to undock a Capital ship with negative structure hit points.
  • The number of Jump clones available for Clone Vat Bay is now displayed.
  • Fixed many inconsistencies regarding the free cargo space required for salvaging different classes of player generated wrecks.
  • Elite Freighters will now provide salvage materials when successfuly salvaged.
  • The Caracal's bonus to Missile Velocity has been modified to state the types of missiles that it applies to: "10% bonus to Light, Heavy Assault and Heavy Missile Velocity per level."
  • A spelling error in the Moa's description has been corrected.


  • All Capacitor Power Relay module icons are now displayed correctly
  • Hovering the mouse over a module, whether in list or detail mode, will now show the correct change in powergrid and cpu in the fitting window.
  • Bonuses from Warfare Links are now applied properly to remote armor repairers.
  • Grammatical errors in the name of all modules in the “F-43” tree have been corrected.
  • Descriptions for Cruise Missile Launchers and Siege Launchers have been fixed to display the correct ammunition type allowed.


  • Fixed a missing texture for Minmatar fighter, the Einhjerji.
  • The error message displayed when attempting to assign drones to a target which is out of range has now been modified.
  • Several fixes have been applied to the multi-select issue with drone windows which will affect all commands on selected multiple drones.
  • Deleting drone groups will now update and display properly.


  • The Day trading skill is now reflected correctly in the wallet in the absence of other remote market skills.

Player Owned Structures, Stations & Outposts

  • Multiple Control Towers within the same system will now display properly in the “Structures”->”Control Tower” tab on the POS management screen
  • The capacity of the Caldari Control Tower Medium has been changed to show the correct size in m3 only.
  • The Defense tab within Player Owned Structures in 0.4 systems has been corrected to allow the sentry guns to “Attack if standing is lower than” and “Attack if Security Status below”.
  • The description for the station service "Caldari Basic Outpost Refinery" has been corrected.
  • Variations tabs have been added to several POS structures i.e. White Noise Generation Battery.
  • Removed the “Use” drop-down box from the Access tab on Control Towers as it served no purpose.
  • Links on Reactor Array’s can now be applied when it is offline.
  • Fixed an error message received when trying to warp after using System Scan Array.
  • Field Harmonic Settings status is updated correctly as soon as the forcefield password is set.
  • System Scanning Array no longer throws an error when opening the scanner.
  • The "Change Type" button listed on Reactor arrays has been removed.
  • The "Structures->jump bridges" tab now shows the correct amount of jump fuel required to make a jump.
  • The POS Management window has been adjusted and there is no text overlaps now.

Boosters & Implants

  • Several typographical errors have been corrected in the description of Slave Implants.
  • Boosters which expire during a downtime and after an upgrade now expire correctly. This will no longer cause any login issues or errors.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the description of the Strong Blue Pill Booster.
  • Spelling and grammar have been corrected in the description of 'Hardwiring - Eifyr and Co. Rogue AY-2'

Character Creation & New Player Experience

  • Attributes and skills are no longer added prior to confirmation of selection. This allows a correct display of skills and attributes to be displayed during new Character creation.
  • Terminating an existing character and selecting an empty slot for a new character will no longer cause an exception.
  • Changes made to the Character portrait are shown on the “Name” page. It will now show the new portrait of Character.
  • It is now possible to continue the tutorial under the “Agents” section while docked in a station.
  • Cloning Tutorial window is no longer generated unexpectedly during the opening and closing of map window.
  • The Aura tutorial will now progress normally in the “NPC FIGHTING” section even if the NPC’s are killed before player is instructed to do so.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected under the Aura Tutorial for Skill Training.
  • Portraits remain the same on changing the resolution and get saved correctly on name page.
  • It is now possible to complete character creation with cache size set to off.
  • It is now possible to create a character name with 3 letters. Previously it would generate a warning saying the name was too short.
  • An exception error is no longer generated on character creation.


  • Attempting to join a Militia when standings are 0.4999 will now result in a message stating that your standings are 0.49, but that 0.5 is required.
  • Serpentis NPC’s will no longer drop projectile weapons.
  • The correct number of pilots within a Militia is now properly displayed in the Battlefield Intelligence window.
  • Rogue Drone Frigates, Cruisers and Battlecruisers now have the correct icon size displayed in the overview tab.
  • Typographical errors in the names of several NPC’s have been corrected.
  • A typographical error in the spelling of "Jovian Directorate" in the Member Corps tab has been corrected.
  • Fixed a grammatical error within the warning message received when entering the system of hostile faction as a member of an enemy Militia.
  • Several grammatical errors have been fixed in the Intaki Syndicate description.
  • Aiding someone who is being attacked by the Faction Military now triggers a second spawn to aggress the person who is assisting with remote repairing.
  • Ship logs will no longer drop in any class or type of NPC.
  • NPC corp CEOs now have proper Corporation information when using show info on their character.
  • Added missing legality tabs to several Insignias.
  • Fixed some entries in Blood Raider and Angel Cartel loot table drops.
  • Moved Gallente Industrial NPCs from Mission Gallente Federation Battleship group to Mission Faction Industrials.
  • The description for Hedion University has been corrected.

Agents & Missions

  • When declining a second mission without waiting out the 4 hour period, the warning message will now correctly state that a standing loss will affect both the Agent and his/her Corporation and Faction.
  • Loyalty points now update correctly when you purchase an item in the store.
  • Loyalty Points will now update correctly when completing a mission using "I and my fleet have completed your mission"
  • Getting more than one mission from the same station will not cause waypoints to get confused.
  • Quitting “Whispers in the Dark (Parts 1-3) no longer causes a Faction or Corp standings hit.
  • Upon changing a research field with an R & D Agent any live missions for the old research field will automatically cancel.
  • Ships no longer get stuck when warping into “Infiltrated Outposts” Level 4 mission.
  • A duplicate beacon in the mission "Technological Secrets (3 of 3)" has been removed.
  • Cosmos missions are now available from agent Jannegiers Estacan.
  • Gallente Neutralizing Towers will no longer spawn in the Level 5 Mission "Stray Caldari Carrier".
  • New mining missions will now be classified as "Mining" rather than "Encounter"
  • Fixed a text display bug in the Worlds Collide mission offered by Minmatar Agents.
  • Intercept The Saboteurs, Level 3 now has the correct Sansha NPC’s. The rogue Serpentis ships have returned to Fountain.
  • The mission “Intercept the Saboteurs” has had the briefing changed to inform players that it is the Confiscated Viral Agent and not Vitoc that needs to be returned to the Agent.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the Level 4 mission “Damsel in Distress”.
  • A typographical error in the description of the Level 2 mission “Unauthorized Military Presence” has been corrected.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the Level 4 mission “Recon (3 of 3)”
  • A typographical error has been fixed in the description of “New Frontiers - Toward a Solution (3 of 7)”
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the mission briefing for “Vengeance”
  • A typographical error has been fixed in the agent conversation for the mission “Athran Exegency (2 of 5).
  • A typographical error has been fixed in the pop-up warning when entering the mission "Whispers in the Dark - Lay and Pray (2 of 4)"
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the mission “Kidnappers Strike - The Kidnapping (3 of 10)”.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the description of “Soft Drink Wars”
  • Several typographical errors have been corrected in the mission briefing for “Corporate Records”.
  • Several typographical errors in the warning pop of the Blood Raider complex “Crimson Hand Supply Depot (6/10)” have been corrected.
  • Several typographical errors have been corrected in the mission "Balancing the Books".
  • The mission “Delivering the Goods (2 of 5)” has been fixed and the objective can be completed as normal.
  • The Factional Warfare mission, "Only the good die young", now contains the correct mission description.
  • The Fleet Commander in the Level 1 Factional Warfare mission “Covert Assistance” has been changed from a Battlecruiser to a Cruiser.
  • The warp in point to the Gurista Base within “Worlds Collide” Level 4 will no longer land you within multiple structures.
  • The mission “War situation (1 of 2) has had the mission objective amended. In addition the NPC Battleships have been moved further from the asteroids.
  • Shadow of War (2 of 5) has had its objectives clarified. Obtaining the data chip and killing all enemies are required for completion.
  • The description of the mission “Cash flow of Capsuleers (8 of 10)” has been changed to make the objectives clear. In addition, several punctuation errors have been resolved.
  • The mission briefing for “In The Midst Of Deadspace (3 of 5)” has been changed to properly indicate all necessary objectives required for completion.
  • Objective details have been added to the mission “Mass Drivers”.
  • Reading various mission details without accepting one will no longer throw an exception in the logs.
  • The mission "Bountiful Bandine" is now restricted to Level 1 Agents only.
  • The mission “Like drones to a cloud” now completes when everything is completely mined in the mission generated room.
  • A warning will now appear when attempting to complete a mission as "Complete as myself" while in a fleet. The warning will ask if the player is sure he wants to keep all of the rewards for himself or if he wants to share with the fleet. The warning can be disabled by checking "Do not ask me again" the first time it appears.
  • Grammatical error in "Mordus Headhunters" mission was corrected.
  • A grammatical error has been fixed in the Agent conversation window for the mission "Gone Berserk"
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the mission description for “Retribution”.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the mission description for “Coming 'Round the Mountain”.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the warning message from Agent Chari Shakai when accepting the mission “No Sincerer Love (1 of 5).
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the text displayed when warping to the “Municipal Junkyard” COSMOS site in Deltole.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the description for “Save a Mans Career”.
  • Numerous punctuation mistakes in mission objectives have been fixed.
  • Changed the misleading mission finish option "Okay, I'm back" to "Okay, I'm done" for the mission “New Frontiers -Nanite Express (6 of 7)”
  • A description error in the mission 'Warriors and Their Weapons' has been corrected.
  • The “Hint” section within the mission details of “Cash flow for Capsuleers (3 of 10)” now correctly states that the ship you received in “Cash flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10)” is an Executioner frigate as opposed to a Crucifier frigate.
  • The feature to complete mission as a Fleet with less than 10 persons will now work if the drop off location is not where the agent is located.
  • Factional Warfare Agents will now show up as "Not Available" to players who are not a member of a Militia Corporation when accessing "My Available Agents".
  • The text in the description "Making Mountains out of Molehills (9 of 10)" has been corrected. You must now use a mining laser to complete the mission successfully.
  • The mission description for "An Ancient Roster" has been changed in order to give the correct information.
  • On jumping through an acceleration gate the soundtrack changes properly to a different song.
  • The mission “Mad Scientist's Dream” no longer does a cargo capacity check when the bonus timer expires.
  • The acceleration gate in the mission "Balancing the Books 7/10" will no longer block Destroyers from using the gate.
  • The acceleration gate in the mission “Chemical Yards” will no longer block Destroyers from using the gate.
  • Removed the beacon shown in Overview for everyone in system for an event mission "A worthy task" by Jeremy Tacs in Mandoo.
  • The completion message, when completing the mission “Supply Interdiction” has been corrected. A text error in the mission acceptance link has also been corrected.
  • Elite Drone Parasite wrecks in Mission "Silence the Informant" and the Kayzum Mother Drone wreck in "Rogue Drone Harassment" have had their timers increased before despawning.
  • Changed the location of some agents who originally resided in Roden Shipyards at the HQ in Alentene. This station had an abundance of Agents so several have been moved to new locations.
  • The Wall Elevation in the mission “Vengeance” was spamming Defender Missiles. The wall has now been removed.
  • The spawn in the final area of the mission "Vengeance" will no longer appear at the edge of the forcefield and be projected away at great speeds.

Exploration & Deadspace

  • The "Colony Under Fire" expedition, a Serpentis Military Complex, is now working correctly. You will no longer bypass the first room and warp directly to the second stage.
  • The Remote Repair Augmentor II Blueprint (BPC) has now been added to certain hacking cans in Exploration sites.
  • Keycards have been removed from the “Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard (10/10 Complex)”. These were previously used to unlock acceleration gates but are no longer necessary to complete the complex.
  • The True Creations Park Overseer in the “Sansha War Supply (6/10 Complex)” has had its shield recharge rate tweaked to bring it in line with other Overseers of the same difficulty.
  • Asteroids within "Exploration - Medium - Crokite, Dark Ochre, Gneiss" are no further than 86 kilometres from the warp in point.
  • Long exploration names are now displayed correctly.
  • The Amarrian deadspace complex "Blood Raider Outpost" no longer contains Gurista NPC's.
  • The pop up window for the complex “Serpentis Logistical Outpost” now displays correctly.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the "Pith Deadspace depot 2/10" complex.
  • The Angel Cartel exploration site "Special Forces, Part 4" will now despawn properly when the objective is complete.
  • After mining all ore out from the "Exploration - Large - Hedbergite, Hemorphite, Jaspet” site the completion message will now read "The last of the ore has been mined. Nothing is left."

Science & Industry

  • The Science & Industry window, when compressed, will no longer display the “OK” and “Cancel” buttons.
  • Corporation blueprints are no longer are lost if office rent expires or if the office is not rented before job delivers.
  • Reprocessing windows will now automatically close after finishing job. The Cancel button will also now close the window properly.
  • An exception will no longer appear in the logs when refining ore using the reprocessing plant in a station.
  • Data Interface Blueprints now have a normal 10% waste applied as expected.
  • The material needs for construction of the Shadow Serpentis Medium Control Tower have been corrected.
  • It is no longer possible to reprocess faction Control Towers.
  • The Science & Industry window will now sort blueprints correctly by property field.
  • The message under "Manufacturing", "Bill of Materials" regarding amount of materials per batch has been removed.
  • The mineral requirements for building Energized Regenerative Membrane I will now display correctly in the manufacturing window.
  • Setting the Location last in Science & Industry interface will no longer reset other Science & Industry job information.
  • The Blueprint copy time for Energy Neutralizers has been changed to be in line with the copy time of similar modules i.e Nosferatus.
  • Large Energy Transfer Array Blueprint research times are now in line with similar modules.
  • When you click “Show more options” in the Science and Industry UI, the label switches now to “Show fewer options” rather than “Show less options”.
  • Refine tax within Militia stations will now base on the standing to the owning Corporation.

Market & Contracts

  • The “Quantity” filter within the Market search options is now working properly. Amount of available units will no longer be truncated on the Market price history window.
  • Fixed the date field in the price history section of the Market. Dates will no longer overlap.
  • The character limit in available contracts, min/max price field has been reduced from 16 to 14 and will no longer throw up exceptions in the logs.
  • An empty window will no longer be displayed when pressing “No” on Dangerous Contract warning.
  • When creating a loan contract for a ship, the correct insurance warning will now display. If it is a personal contract it will be the seller who will get the insurance, if it is a corporation contract it will be the Corporation that receives any payout.
  • Contract managers may now “create contracts” when right-clicking on items in corporation deliveries.
  • Dragging and dropping a contract over another item in a hangar no longer causes an exception in the log server.
  • Remote buy orders now work. This enhances the “procurement” and “visibility” skills. In addition the visibility skill has been fixed and the correct limits are in place and exceptions have been removed when trying to place an order outside your skill level.
  • The Accounting skill, when trained to level 3, was displaying an incorrect percentage for sales tax. This was a display only issue and the correct tax was being applied to a market order. The incorrect display issue has been corrected and will now display as 0.7%.
  • NPC buy orders for Tags, Insignias, Overseer Effects and Livestock have been fixed and will no longer show a buy order of 1.
  • A warning message now pops up when trying to modify a market order more than 100% above the regional average.
  • Buy orders will now display the correct broker fee and total cost when the quantity is changed on every occasion.
  • Exported information from the Market Data tab will now properly display the correct date and time.
  • Every group in the Market now has a description.
  • Private item exchange corporation contract can now be deleted by corporation directors once it expires.
  • An error message regarding remote sell and buy orders has been changed to advise players without the proper skills that orders are restricted to the station in which the item or items are located.
  • A change has been implemented for sell orders that will state "No one is buying in this region at the moment" to "There are no buyers for in this Station”. This change will affect players who do not have the appropriate Trade Skills and are limited to selling items within their own station.
  • Fractional prices are now remembered correctly for using both”.” And “,” as a decimal place.
  • Pressing the Enter key now works in the same way as clicking "get contracts" in the Contracts window.
  • Changing the autopilot settings will now not affect remote sell orders.
  • Buying an item in space should now choose the optimal price at the correct station.
  • Data will no longer disappear when showing display Table data in the "Price History" tab of the Market Interface.
  • Setting a large sell order will now display the correct price entered rather than revert to a smaller number.
  • Sell orders no longer fail when selling two items in quick succession.
  • Several missing items have been added to the Market and Contracts search.

Corporation & Alliance

  • It is now possible to declare war on an Alliance that has been revived. All Alliance names will now generate properly through the search function.
  • Alliance membership history will now be displayed correctly in the character selection screen.
  • Disbanding an Alliance will no longer cause an exception or error.
  • A warning message will alert players that “You need to have the Empire Control skill at the necessary level” in order to create an Alliance.
  • Sovereignty is now correctly downgraded or removed depending on the number of Control Towers in an occupied system or capital system.
  • Owning shares in multiple Corporations will now open separate vote windows when there are several active votes in different Corporations.
  • An error will no longer show when creating a new Corporation while the wallet is open.
  • When applying to join multiple Corporations, a player will no longer lose all other applications when accepting one of the offers.
  • A role lockout will no longer occur when a CEO resigns and appoints a player being voted as CEO into the position.
  • The Alliance executor will remain the executor Corporation until another Corporation gains greater than fifty percent support.
  • Members with no recorded online time will no longer be shown as online in Corp member list
  • Players within an Alliance who access the Map (F10) while docked in a station will no longer receive an error message.
  • Corporations who are not involved with Factional Warfare will no longer show up as having active wars against any Militia.
  • Removed Corporation column in the share holders' list.
  • A new message will pop up up when trying to delete a CEO. This has been changed to "They're Still Alive! You can't delete a character that is the CEO of a corporation. If the corporation still has other members, you need to promote one of them to CEO. If the Corporation has no other members, the character may leave the Corporation."
  • Removed the "edit" option on expired ads within Corporation recruitment.
  • Selected options are saved when you return to previous pages in the Corporation advertisement creation process.
  • No overlapping between roles and their descriptions within the Corporation Members details.
  • A Corporation member's wallet will not blink if he does not have access to Corp wallet division.

Graphics General

  • Collision, undock points and station docking radius on particular Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar station models have been fixed.
  • Asteroid Belts, which were incorrectly named as Ice Belts in several systems, are now Asteroid Belts once more No Ice belts were moved in this process which was simply the correct naming of incorrectly labelled Asteroid Belts.
  • The “Trails on/off” option in the "Display & Graphics" tab, in the "Common Graphics Settings" in the in game Escape menu, has been renamed “Trails”.
  • When using “Look at” on an exploding ship or structure, the camera will no longer reset back to your ship until the explosion is complete.
  • Warp Drive effects now display correctly.
  • Asteroids will no longer appear to “pulse” when rotating the camera in an Asteroid Belt.
  • The Energy transfer effect from Remote Energy Transfer modules has been fixed so that it now shows as reaching the target. Adjusted several other remote weapon effects to bring them in line.
  • The zoom level on the Hawk has been corrected. It is no longer possible to zoom inside the ship.
  • A graphical bug in the fitting screen for the Basilisk has been fixed.
  • Textures have been added to the Rifter in order to correctly display fitted turrets.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches on the Eris along with a fix for the turret display. All turrets now show as intended.
  • The Blackbird has had several textures replaced under the main engine cluster.
  • It is no longer possible to zoom into the interior of the Nidhoggur while the ship is docked.
  • The Catalyst now displays the correct graphics when mining lasers are in operation on the ship.
  • The turrets on the Rokh are now displaying the correct animation when guns are firing.
  • The Vagabond model has been fixed.
  • The Vexor Navy Issue will not erroneously show guns when none are fitted.
  • Cloaking with a Crane using a "Prototype Cloaking Device" now works as intended.
  • Two add-on parts to the Keres have been re-aligned.
  • Stabber Fleet issue 5th turret position now corrected.
  • The shield boosting and active shield hardener effects on the Cyclone have been adjusted.
  • Repaired a faulty light in on the Eagle model.
  • The Pilgrim now displays all turrets correctly.
  • The graphics on energy neutralizing drones (Acolyte Ev-300, Infiltrator Ev-600 and Praetor Ev-900) will now display the correct graphical effect.
  • The Hollow Asteroid has had a makeover and all textures will now be rendered correctly.
  • The Unstable Wormhole in some missions will no longer disappear when zooming out.
  • Four COSMOS agents have finally taken delivery of the new Covert Ops models and can be found in space in their new ships.
  • The sun in the many systems have had textures fixed and will now display properly.
  • Using ALT + TAB in windowed mode will no longer affect engine trails.
  • The CONCORD Billboard will now display properly when viewing while in a cloaked ship.
  • Fixed a graphical issue in the mission "Recon (3 of 3)" background environment.
  • Tooltip info is now available for "widescreen" option under ESC menu->display and graphics->common graphics settings.
  • Adjusted some visual effects for ship icons. Many ships were showing as almost completely white and will now display their correct colour scheme.
  • Undocking from a station close to the location of a moon will no longer make the moon partially transparent. Textures have been added to make it whole.
  • Station background will no longer change colour when Load Station Environment is off.
  • The Dual Giga Pulse Laser’s sound volume has been increased to fall into line with the Beam Laser.
  • Launching an F.O.F missile now displays the correct graphic and plays the correct sound.

Graphics Classic

  • "Common Graphic Settings" contents are displayed now in Classic client options.

Graphics Premium

  • The visual effects of the Rorqual while activating a Shield Hardener or Armor Repairer are now displayed correctly.
  • The Crusader has had some missing textures replaced. The engine trails will now display correctly.
  • The lights on the Caracal will now blink correctly in the Premium client.
  • Missing polygons have been added to the Abaddon.
  • Common graphics settings are updating properly when choosing to reset graphics in the ESC menu on the Premium client.
  • It will no longer be possible to cause the interior of Caldari stations to be bleached in white light by using the zoom function.

User Interface

  • The overview filter “Pilot has a security status below -5” has been renamed to Pilot is an Outlaw to clarify the option. If this setting is filtered (unticked); then people who either have a sec status below -5 OR are criminally flagged to you will be filtered.
  • Cargo window will now come to front if the ship is double-clicked in station and the cargo window is already open behind other windows.
  • You can now assign a shortcut to the F-keys with any combination of Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or none of those modifiers. As an example: F9, Ctrl+F9, Alt+F9, Shift+F9, Ctrl+Alt+F9, Ctrl+Shift+F9, Alt+Shift+F9, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9 are all possible. You can also assign a shortcut to alphanumeric keys with appropriate restrictions. They must include one of Ctrl, Alt and Shift, and if Shift is used then Ctrl or Alt must be used as well. As an example: Ctrl+B, Alt+B, Ctrl+Alt+B, Ctrl+Shift+B, Alt+Shift+B, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B are all possible but B and Shift+B are not.
  • Changing the UI language on the client has been altered. The reboot text when switching languages has been changed. It now says: "Changing the language settings will automatically reboot the client for the changes to take effect, do you wish to continue? If you decide to cancel the request we will revert to the previous language otherwise we will reboot immediately.
  • It is no longer possible to have a windows that are side-by-side and are snapped against one another pinned. When you combine windows in this way, they default to uncoupled behaviour. If you uncombine the windows, the formerly pinned window will return to the correct state.
  • Using left click on an active module, next to the target icon, will now properly display as flashing red. This was previously showing the icon as still flashing green.
  • Multiple UI upgrades and streamlining of some industrial interfaces to optimise performance.
  • Overview window adjusts correctly now when switching between different resolutions or windows sizes in station.
  • Setting the Corporation tax rate to a negative value will now automatically reset the tax rate to 0 and issue a mail to all Corporation members.
  • The Enter and Return keys now work properly on the “Edit/View” dialogue window when creating and editing bookmarks.
  • Cargo items are now displayed in the correct alphabetic order when sorted by name.
  • The character limit in the Corporation Recruitment advert description field has been fixed and adverts will now display correctly up to 1000 characters.
  • The Close Active Window shortcut (CTRL-W) will no longer close the merged ship and item window.
  • Using the Map on flat view means that the camera can no longer be rotated in 3D if a module requiring a target is activated.
  • The progress spinner in the title bar when using the scanner would not clear when a session was changed leaving the window stuck. This has been resolved and will now work normally.
  • Dividend payments will now show up with all of the correct names provided.
  • The compare tool now lists items in the correct manner within the main window.
  • Warping to an asteroid now gives the correct message, “Warping to Asteroid belt/name.”
  • Attempting to reinsure a ship will now produce a window stating the ship is already insured. Reinsuring will cancel the previous insurance and an exception has been removed when cancelling.
  • An exception error is no longer thrown when pressing CTRL + TAB during targeting.
  • Show Info on any item will now list the base Tech I variant as Meta 0 instead of N/A. This will allow the list of variants to be displayed in the correct order.
  • You can now close the solar system map again if you undock with it open. The close button works and re-docking will no longer cause the map to stick.
  • The blue blinking trace dot in the map now works as intended.
  • The Loyalty Point store window will now close when undocking from a station.
  • Destroying a scanner probe in the scanner window no longer throws up an exception.
  • If you have an opened character-search dialog and create a courier-contract where you have to search for a station you now get the correct result in the character-search and the contract will get the station-choice window.
  • Attacking another character in high-security space with drones, then being destroyed by CONCORD, will no longer cause an exception to be logged.
  • Right clicking on the Tanoo solar system will give the correct context menu.
  • Moving boosters from the cargo hold to corporate hangars when piloting a Carrier or Mothership will no longer cause the character sheet to blink.
  • Opening the Escape menu in game and clicking “About EVE” then closing the window no longer throws an exception.
  • Max Targeting Range now highlights and correctly modifies itself when items that affect it are hovered over in the fitting screen.
  • You can now only view the contents of a can in the same location as your character. Previously, attempting to double click on a can at a remote location caused an exception to be logged.
  • Input and Output hangars now show the correct options.
  • Shrinking various windows including trade ones will now work properly. Ghost accept/cancel buttons have been exorcized.
  • Multi-selection in corporations-application list is now disabled. Each application must be dealt with individually.
  • Changing a new overview tab’s bracket settings will now not affect the overview content.
  • Map Legend now shows up correctly when 'All Militias' option is selected.
  • The journal window no longer jumps to the front when talking to an agent while accepting, declining or completing a mission.
  • The "Search" button is no longer cut off when using the settings option in "Open Channels and Mailing Lists"
  • The expiration field no longer expands when the window is enlarged within the Contracts window.
  • The Channels list will now update properly. There will no longer be an unpopulated list.
  • A fix has been applied to “Show exception window” option. This will now list any exceptions properly.
  • A sound glitch has been removed from the Character sheet which was caused by hovering the mouse over the skill in training. Additionally, the time remaining on skill training will be displayed properly when moving the mouse over that skill.
  • Alliances and Corporations can now be unblocked in People & Places.
  • Exception no longer thrown when opening Corporation or Alliance URL from Corporation window
  • An exception is no longer thrown when double clicking on a book mark within People and Places.
  • A typographical error has been fixed on the “Cannot Create Channel” warning window. The text will now correctly read “You may own at most 10 channels or mailing lists.”
  • Right clicking on “Waypoint” within the star map will now bring you to the correct tab.
  • An exception error will no longer be displayed when closing the Character sheet before it is populated.
  • The “Show on Map” feature for Corporations will now show all systems in which their Alliance holds sovereignty.
  • An exception error will no longer be displayed when undocking from a station with the “Repair Shop” window open.
  • The Assets-Group List window now remembers the state of the first station on the list. If it is reopened all windows are closed.
  • The "Welcome to EVE Online" window now sports only an "OK" button to progress to the account creation/selection page.
  • The Shareholders list now shows the correct corporations of the individual shareholder.
  • A cache issue has been fixed and player Corporation standings will now update normally.
  • Text in the "Member Details" window will not overlap now.
  • The standing transaction window filters are now working as intended.
  • Right clicking a fitted module in space no longer causes the UI to freeze up.
  • Fixed an obscure error that could cause billboards to show just a white screen
  • Scanning in a pod while boarding a ship now displays proper message.
  • The aggression timer has been tweaked and will now correctly display the amount of time left before it is safe to dock/undock at a station or approach a stargate.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the War Declaration message.
  • The cargo window will now close automatically when a ship has been trashed.
  • "Move up" moves correct item in the waypoint view.
  • Text and inventory windows will now correctly update and display contents when opened.
  • Corporation wallet now balances properly when changing the wallet division.
  • An error is no longer generated when launching a scanner probe.
  • Fixed the scanner probe expiration timer when window has been minimized.
  • Scrollbar is now working fine in Market. It does not refresh to the bottom after buying any item.
  • Expiration field in the Contract interface now expands properly.
  • Searching for something that does not exist under Contracts will no longer result in a loop of info messages when using the Enter key.
  • No exception error is thrown when the wallet is closed before all money is counted when the "Balance delay effect" option is checked.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the Corporation message "Expel member"
  • Modifying the price of buy or sell orders will now round up correctly to two decimal places instead of four.
  • An exception is no longer thrown when the buy order window is closed.
  • Compare tool has been updated to include fitting stats for ships.
  • An exception error is no longer thrown when opening the Contracts tab on first login when docked in station.
  • Skills trained to Level 0, meaning only partially trained towards Level 1, will now display correctly in the skill book list under market as being owned. This will happen by displaying the green tick beside the name in the market skill book tree.
  • It is no longer possible to open any Contract links through the right context menu in either the chat window or Notepad.
  • Contract results open in a separate window from the scan results after cargo scanning the contents of a ship.
  • Search results now updated properly and reflect new search results. This fix affects searches in Mail, Market, Bounty Office, Corporation Members and Contracts.
  • All starter NPC Corps (Brutor Tribe, State War Academy etc.) can now be blocked from joining player created chat channels.
  • The “Shortcuts” Tab in the ESC menu has been tweaked for ease of use.
  • Mission details now open properly when mission is completed.
  • “Use Corporation Account” can no longer be checked by mistake. It was possible to right click on the side of the box and activate the Corporation Account in error for buy and sell orders.
  • Removing people from the Buddy List will now update in real time. The green box to show that they are online will be removed in real time and will not reappear when scrolling the chat channel list.
  • Solar System Map interface has been streamlined to increase its effectiveness.
  • Pressing the F10 button multiple times in the map window will no longer display an exception error.
  • Show info window for Faction, Corporation, and Agent now opens properly when selecting the show info icon.
  • Character notes are now stored properly if the “reuse info window” option is enabled.
  • Fleets in “Free Move” mode have been tweaked to prevent players from jumping between Wing Commander and Squad Commander positions.
  • While using the Show Info option on an equipped module on a ship in space the action menu icon will now work properly.
  • An issue has been corrected regarding remotely placing sell orders through the assets window. An exception error that was displayed when attempting to sell a higher quantity of items than a player actually possesses will now display a proper error message notification.
  • The wallet no longer blinks when no changes have been made to the wallet balance.
  • Home page URLs now update properly when creating a new Corporation.
  • "Load Setting" is now retained in default tab within the UI.
  • Notes for characters are now saved after a standard transaction in Notepad.
  • Division naming error message is now correct when trying to label a division with less than 3 characters. Naming a division with three characters now also works as intended.
  • Double clicking on various windows including agent details, contracts, character portraits or any node in the Map browser will no longer bring up an exception error.
  • Overlapping EWAR notifications have been fixed. Each EWAR module will now display correctly in the tabbed overview.
  • The fleet watch list now updates correctly after a member being kicked rejoins the fleet.
  • A display bug which occurred when hovering the mouse over a skill in training has been fixed. The correct display will now show.
  • Selected item window buttons and images will now resize as the window size increases.
  • Several changes have been made to the Contracts window. The Contracts window will now remember its size on close and reopen and also it sorting options in "My contracts" tab.
  • Fixed the denoting triangle orientation in all UI windows. This will now show descending and ascending order properly.
  • Words are no longer being cut off in the “Pick Installation Window”.
  • The Corp Hangar will now automatically close (if opened) when a player uses a Jump Clone to jump to a station in which his or her Corporation does not have an office. Additionally, any open cargo hold will now automatically close when clone jumping.
  • A grammatical error displayed in the post explosion session change message has been corrected.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the Graphics Options settings.
  • Added a proper warning message when attempting to add an 11th member to Fleet watch list. The message will now indicate that you can have reached your slot limit.
  • Adjusted the pop-up message received when trying to optimize the autopilot by adding in excess of 11 waypoints.
  • Optimized the “Jump to” submenu for Capital ships.
  • Adjusted the miner deactivation message when cargo bay is full.
  • Aiding someone at war will now generate the correct warning message in all cases.
  • War Invalidation mail has been corrected and is received by members of both corporations.
  • A correct error message will be displayed when attempting to lock a target when it is not possible to do so.
  • Using Shift + drag while moving a stack of drones to a drone bay will now correctly split the stack.
  • Minimising the journal and changing the status of a mission will no longer cause "No missions currently offered or accepted," to appear in the background.
  • The resource depletion message has been made more generic.
  • Sorting places in People & Places will now not duplicate Agent Mission items.
  • The font on autolink can only be applied to linkable text, no more changing text colours.
  • Right clicking and modifying orders in wallet no longer throws client exceptions.
  • The scroll bar does not scroll to the bottom after adding waypoints or removing bookmarks.
  • Disabling effects will no longer disable warp scrambling notification.
  • Modules will now automatically online when clicking a module and selecting "Fit to active ship". The fitting window is no longer required to be open to affect the change. The only requirement is that the ship has the necessary powergrid and cpu available.
  • Fixed a bug that interrupted scan when an unused probe expired.
  • Unstacked items, for example Scripts, are all listed when right clicking a module now.
  • Colouring systems by any statistic will now update when changing to another stat.
  • An exception error will no longer be generated when a player has been pod killed.
  • Using Show Info to view the details of a sun will now display the correct picture. This replaces the plain white box that was previously displayed.
  • Clicking on an object in the solar system map will no longer reset the zoom function.
  • Show info on multiple items will open all info windows if the option to not re-use current info window is checked.
  • Fixed the missing portraits for Characters and Agents under "Liked By" tab in the standings column of character sheet.
  • The Standings Transaction filter is now working properly.
  • All windows that can be opened via the Neocom now work and behave properly.
  • Text formatting shortcuts can no longer be used to assign commands. CTRL + u is used for underline, CTRL + b is used for bold and CTRL + I is used for italics
  • An exception error is no longer generated when dragging and dropping a ship over another ship in the assets window.
  • When having Ships and Items merged with the station services panel, docking at any station will no longer display the Ship and Items hangar as windows in the upper right corner of the screen with their current content.
  • Having "Toggle one Skill group" on and skill tabs separated from the character window will no longer cause tabs to close while scrolling
  • Selecting no items to reprocess in the Reprocessing Plant window will now generate the correct warning message.
  • Using simple view in the Contracts window will no longer truncate the columns.
  • Jumping through a stargate in a pod will no longer generate an exception error.
  • Removed the "Previous" button on the Standings Transaction window. The window only the shows the last five or six entries so there is no previous page to return to making the button obsolete.
  • The chat window will no longer reposition itself if the cargo hold window is snapped to it.
  • Windows no longer “break” when stacked on top of each other while the window is pinned. All windows will now load correctly.
  • Add to operator list search results no longer overlap with search texts.
  • Some tweaks have been made to the Neocom system when choosing to toggle on all options. The display has been made much more clutter free.
  • Merging "Ships and Items" into the station panel will no longer cause or Station Service Icons to disappear.
  • An exception error is no longer generated when using “Look at” to view a Cosmic Anomaly.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

  • The Delete button now works for deleting multiple mails from a single sender.
  • An incorrect notify message that was displayed when closing an audio joined channel has been fixed. The message will now correctly display the name of the channel that you are closing.
  • An exception has been fixed when removing a character from operator list in EVE mail.
  • Changing the volume on EVE voice from the ESC menu no longer throws an exception.
  • The EVE Mail window can now be resized. This will allow for an easier reading experience for very long mails.
  • An exception error is no longer thrown when selecting Audio tab on 'Select or Create Character' page.
  • EVE Voice will no longer have port conflicts when running multiple clients on one machine.
  • Disconnect and login problems caused by ping requests from Vivox for EVE Voice have now been rectified and will no longer cause these issues.
  • The channel “Faroese” is now only displayed under the “Languages” category of the channel options. A duplicate entry under “Other” has been removed.
  • On joining a fleet voice channel as a Squad Commander a player will receive only one pop up confirmation message.
  • EVE Voice is now enabled by default on all accounts. If you are unable to join EVE voice you will get a message directing you to the Knowledge Base for further advice.
  • Scrollable Lists within the Channels and Mailing lists has been fixed and will now join the proper channel.
  • There have been some changes implemented when attempting to access a chat channel with a password. The channel will now allow the player three attempts to input the correct password before closing. In the event that a player cancels then the password input window is closed and no info window is displayed.
  • On changing the MOTD within a chat channel players will no longer receive the incorrect message “Channel password cleared by”.
  • Muting another player now mutes the players voice and chat abilities.
  • Muting/Unmuting within restricted access channels is now working as intended.
  • Kicking or muting a player in a chat channel via a link to that players name will now work properly.
  • A warning message has been clarified and does alert the user that they may always join voice manually in the future if "no" is clicked.
  • An exception error that was generated when accidentally sending two join requests in EVE Voice has been fixed.
  • Clicking the “Echo Test” button multiple times will no longer generate an error or cause the client to crash.
  • Double clicking on any entry under the "Liked by" tab in the Standings window no longer causes an exception error.
  • Knowledgebase article for "Fleet Voice - How to use" will now open correctly in the IGB.
  • Changing the font size in the MOTD will no longer generate an exception error.
  • It is now possible to remove multiple characters at once from the operator list.
  • Incoming EVE mails will be sent to the folder of the proper sender in all circumstances.
  • Agents and Non Player Corporations can now be autolinked in chat channels.

CONCORD and Kill Mails

  • The proper notification message from CONCORD will be displayed when attempting to jump from one High Security system to another High Security system when a player has a Global Criminal Flag.
  • Killmails are now being generated for POS structures and sent to the player's combat log. Killmails also show up in the Corp combat log for both kills and losses.
  • An entry now appears in combat log following POS Control Tower kill.
  • The "War invalidation" mail from CONCORD has had the text changed so as to read "CONCORD has declared this war invalid as it breaches one or more articles in the Yulai Convention. The war will be declared as being over after approximately 24 hours." to be in line with other war-end mails

Localized Clients

  • The titles under “Reset Tutorials” in the ESC menu will now display in German on the German client.
  • The tool tutorial tips in the German client have seen the English text replaced by German.
  • Resizing the repair shop window to the minimum size will no longer cause text to spill over in the German client.
  • Expanded fonts will now appear normally in the escape menu.
  • Multiple EVE Mails sent by Non Player Corporations have been translated in the German client.
  • The 'Verträge holen' is no longer blocked by a drop down menu.
  • All Regions and Landmarks descriptions have been translated correctly in the German client.
  • Some English text in the Character Sheet is now displayed properly in German for the German client.
  • The following System’s emails for Factional Warfare will be displayed in English -Enlist Corporation on German Client, Withdrawn Corporation on German Client and retire enlisted corporation on German Client. All EV mails, irrespective of the client version, will be displayed in English.
  • All Factional Warfare beacons will be displayed in English even in the German client.
  • Numbers are now displayed in sound options in the German client.
  • Delete message has been translated in the German client.


  • The EVE Message "CompiledCodeUpgradeAvailable" will now display correctly as a question when a client hotfix is advertised.
  • All ship types will now play the correct engine sound based on their size and class i.e. a cruiser should no longer sound like a frigate.
  • A warning is now displayed when creating a clone at a station that lacks a medical facility A window will display stations with medical facilities and stations without them. If you insist on choosing a station without medical facilities then a warning is displayed
  • Screenshot function works correctly now.
  • Attempting to run EVE after downloading a patch and not installing will now automatically begin the patching process rather than attempt to download a new patch.
  • Concord Billboards will now display the proper character name, portrait and bounty for “Wanted” characters.
  • Asteroid belts in some starter systems have had the asteroid spawn placements rectified. Asteroids should no longer be hundreds of kilometers away from the warp in point.
  • Employment history is updated immediately on entering or leaving a Militia corporation.
  • When attempting to undock an exception error is thrown and the user becomes stuck in a black screen. Players were also reporting they were unable to warp if already in space. This has now been fixed and undocking or warping in a system will not cause any error.
  • Activating an EWAR module on an asteroid will no longer cause an error to be displayed.
  • Missile launch sound now plays correctly for every missile launched.
  • H-M1BY, F-XWIN, BMU-V1 and ZXC8-1 have had their sentry guns and billboards removed.
  • Notepad will no longer allow the creation of two identically named folders or two identically named notes. A warning window will now be displayed when attempting to do either action.
  • The character limit in Notepad has been fixed to 3900 characters and on exceeding this limit a pop up appears that prevents the window from closing when an overly-long note is unsaved. Clicking 'Yes' allows a player to edit the note and clicking 'No' closes the window and clips the exceeding characters.
  • An exception error no longer occurs when creating a url link in the Notepad.
  • The star map now shows the system of Abenync as a Federate Data Centre.
  • A memory leak has been fixed which has resolved the issue of multiple Warp sounds when making multiple warps around a system.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the description of Promethium.
  • The EVE client will no longer start if the splash screen (res\splash.bmp) has been removed or modified.
  • A warning message that was displayed regarding connection to Tranquility while running an optional patch has been re-written to explain it better.
  • Cache size will now change automatically on changing client version.
  • A rogue Level 5 Agent for Roden Shipyards who was appearing erroneously on the website has been removed.
  • The locking sound will now play correctly while locking multiple targets.
  • The search function in the Bounty Office works properly now.
  • Aura will notify you when you are demoted to first rank in FW.
  • Changed "Kills Last Week" to "Kills in the Last Week" in FW statistics.
  • A username entry has been added above the UserID on the EVE API page on the forums when generating an API key.
  • The roles returned in the data from /corp/MemberTracking.xml.aspx api call are now correct. They now match the information returned via IGB´s headers.
  • Acceleration gates have been tweaked to show a ship within the proper range before activation. Previously a ship appeared to be much further away from the gate.
  • The undock points for several stations have been tweaked to bring them in line with other stations of the same type. Additionally, the undock area of certain Gallente stations has been adjusted in order to allow a smooth undock experience for ships of all sizes.
  • The 'show on map' option has been removed from the context menu of the station list when selecting new clone home station.
  • The correct ban message will now display on a player account depending on the level of ban applied to that account.
  • The Zbikoki´s Hacker Card will now show up in an item search.
  • Factional Warfare stats page has had the "Victory Points last week" and "Victory Points Total" added to the exported xml file.
  • The spacebar function now works correctly in people and places. Multiple spaces are not permitted using the spacebar.
  • Fixed the links to multiple Knowledgebase articles when clicking in-game "?" for help.
  • CSM page link is now accessible on all browser formats on the EVE website.
  • Characters with no corp history can now view the FW battlefield screen and do get victory points as normal.
  • Distance and accuracy are now sorted correctly in the system scanner window.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the Asteroid Specialization Yield Modifier for all mining crystals.
  • Logging on next to a Gallente Outpost no longer causes an exception error.
  • The client will now use less memory during and after combat.
  • The billboard in Josameto, leading to New Caldari, will no longer obstruct players who have their autopilot set to go through that gate.
  • An exception error is no longer thrown on optimizing the route containing current solar system.
  • Jukebox does not start to play when activating an Acceleration Gate if the Jukebox is set to stop.
  • An error is no longer thrown when transferring bookmarks from People & Places to cargohold, Item/Corp Hangar
  • Looted wreck icons in space will now display as empty when all contents have been removed.
  • Right clicking something in log server no longer gives the option to send as a defect.
  • Alliance list now displays correct number of member corporations on the EVE website.
  • Selecting the link 'upgrade from classic graphic content to Premium Content' now redirects to appropriate page.
  • Factional Warfare button only displays when the player is in Factional Warfare or docked at a Factional Warfare station.
  • Grammatical errors have been corrected in corrected in "Can't Target While Cloaked" and "Can't Target While Jumping" messages.
  • The description of the item "Religious Artifact" has been corrected.
  • The description of Veldspar has been fixed.
  • An exception error is no longer thrown when selecting home station in the medical window.
  • Changes have been made in how the EVE API keys are generated in order to make them more secure.
  • The forum portrait rendering system has been improved, and will result in less occurrences of portraits not being generated.


  • Several exploit issues have been fixed, making EVE a better world to live in for us all.


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