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Sunday, 05 February 2006
GamerGod has an interview with the Kingdom of Sky Senior Producer Scott Hartsman. Other web sites are publishing interesting screenshots and a pretty neaf trailer.

From the interview: "GamerGod: What will be the biggest feature added to the game in Kingdom of Sky?

Scott Hartsman: Achievements. The simultaneous release of PvP is a pretty huge thing for EverQuest II, but Achievements are the part of Kingdom of Sky that almost everyone on all of the servers will notice."

Later comes an explanation on what are Achievements: "As you’re accomplishing things in the world you’re also earning Achievement Points. Doing particularly adventurous things for the first time (such as defeating specific foes or doing a certain quest) can gain you bonus Achievement Points as well.

Achievement Points can be spent in a tree of abilities that’s based on your class. Most abilities have multiple ranks. Some people might choose to specialize by spending their points to ensure they have all ranks of a small number of abilities. Other people may choose to spend their points more broadly to gain some amount of proficiency in as many as they can.

This system isn’t about providing a never-ending path of growth – there are a set number of Achievement points that any given character can have."

Read the full interview here ,  but also check this trailer at and some new screens at .


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