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EQ2: Summary of the Latest Live Events E-mail
Tuesday, 14 March 2006
Reading these long lists makes me want to play Everquest 2 more. Why don't I have 30 hours long days? Anyway, enjoy this list of the latest official live events organized on EQ2 and hope to be part of the next ones!

EverQuest II is a constantly evolving world. Many of you already know that we regularly run Live Events that are often dynamic in nature and can permanently alter the world of Norrath. We thought we would compile some information on the many Live Events we've had so far in EQII. So, without further ado, we give you EverQuest II Live Events!

Erollisi Day (February 2005)
The festival that honors the Queen of Love, Erollisi Marr, is nearly upon us! Seek out members of the Swornlove family, who need your help to celebrate this day of love and friendship. Aaronolis is found on the bridge outside the North Qeynos gates, and Annalisa is found outside the West Freeport gates near the towers. Lend them a hand and you will have a charming holiday!

The Plague (April 2005)
Reports indicate that a mysterious ailment has begun infecting Norrath's citizens. According to our sources, both the Overlord and Antonia Bayle believe finding a cure for this plague to be the top priority of every citizen. Although the source of this disease remains unknown, it is believed that only the joint efforts of adventurers and artisans will be able to cure the people of Norrath. Opportunistic individuals may be trying to take advantage of the sick by offering supposed cures for sale at high prices.

Beware: These salesmen are not licensed by the cities, and the effects of these remedies may not be what you expect. Inhabitants of both cities are discussing this plague and may offer theories and advice on both the cause and the cure. But until solid information is released by city officials, be dubious of such rumors. While the infection does not seem to be life-threatening at this point, the plague is highly contagious and has a visible effect on most everyone who encounters it. Traditional forms of medicine seem to offer temporary relief, but until a universal cure is found, reinfection is very likely.

The Return of the Frogloks (May 2005)
New information has surfaced that indicates the noble frogloks are being held captive in the Feerrott! Frogloks in West Freeport and Castleview Hamlet can direct adventurers on the quest to help release this honorable race from the bonds of tyranny. Complete the quest for yourself and create your own froglok character! This quest is well-suited for solo players in their upper 20s, or groups in their lower 20s. Defeat the powerful evil force binding the froglok spirit and you'll make frogloks available for everyone on your server! This epic battle will require a full raid force of powerful adventurers.

Increase in Gnoll Activity (June 2005)
Reports from the Thundering Steppes indicate that a new (or perhaps rediscovered) breed of gnolls has been spotted. Some adventurers in the area are indicating that their comrades have been abducted by these gnolls, so beware! Strange objects are appearing along with these new gnolls. It is unknown at this time what link these objects have with the alleged abductions, but witnesses claim these objects move from place to place.

Mysteries in the Mines: The Drakota Attack (July 2005)
Pale rat-like creatures, similar to ratonga but smaller, have been spotted in and around various mines in places like the Commonlands, Antonica, and the Orcish Wastes. Rumors abound of ancient artifacts these beings may be seeking. The creatures are said to be in the employ of some greater, more sinister power.

Qeynos residents can find out more information from Pearl Honeywine in Qeynos Harbor , while Freeport citizens can learn details from Mareva D'iniv in North Freeport . The quests will lead you to different destinations depending on your level range. The quest for high-level players will lead them to a highly challenging new single-group dungeon instance. This zone will remain available even after the live event has been completed.

The Pirate Stronghold (August 2005)
Merchant ships are reporting increased activity of gnomish pirates. Curiously, they do not appear unfriendly to most Norrathians. It is said that these pirates seek the aid of brave adventurers to retake their island stronghold from a legendary threat--rumored to be the fabled dervish empire itself!

Nights of the Dead (October 2005)
Jeepers creepers! Mystery and mischief are afoot as the holiday approaches! Pumpkin patches have sprouted up throughout Qeynos and Freeport . Use them to decorate your neighborhood! Black cats wander the cities. Don't let them cross your path! Another crew of Gigglegibber goblins can be found in Freeport and Qeynos. They'll send you on a trick-or-treat game that you can play with local residents. Watch out for those tricks

There are rumors of a haunted house in each city. Talk to the Gigglegibber Scalper in North Qeynos or West Freeport to find out more. Players of all levels can get in on the fun! Ponchy Shorttoe of Windstalker Village in Antonica needs help with a baffling and mysterious problem. It seems the scarecrows have gotten riled up! What would Halloween be without masks? Disguise yourself as a creepy critter or as your favorite monarch!

Reclaiming the Wilderness (November 2005)
Griffon tamers have being spotted gathering construction materials in the Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest ... but they need your help! The cursed spirits of these untamed lands are rising up to interfere with the efforts of the griffon tamers. Fight back against the undead so the workers can complete their task. The workers also require assistance gathering resources and building components to aid in their construction efforts.

The foreman at each site will let you know how you can help! There are a number of construction sites in each region. All citizens of Norrath need to work together to complete this monumental undertaking! This is your chance to make your mark on the world and help reclaim the Shattered Lands!

Frostfell Time (December 2005)
It's Frostfell time in Norrath! Talk to Gardy Giftgiver in either Qeynos Harbor or West Freeport once a day for lots of fun presents! He has 15 to give you in all, including new music boxes that play your favorite EverQuest Live tunes. Those Gigglegibber goblins are up to no good again. Help the Frostfell Elves save Frostfell! Just talk to Pinchy Presentpeeler to start the quest. Celebrate the holidays by having snowball fights with all your friends. Buy decorations for your home from the Frostfell elves. The festivities commence in Qeynos Harbor and West Freeport . Look for the Frostfell tree!

Erollisi Day (February 2006)
It's time to spread the love, Norrath; Erollisi Day is upon us! Speak with Stinky in the Commonlands or Goldie in Antonica to show the fullness of your heart. You may be tasked with finding hearts among the dangers of Norrath. Like love, these items are hard to find. Make sure your setting for Particle Quality is greater than Minimal, or love will surely escape you.

The Ulteran Spires (February 2006)
The Gate Callers, an ancient order of Erudites, have returned to restore the power of the Ulteran Spires. Seek out the order's lead scholar to offer assistance in Antonica, the Commonlands, the Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest , the Enchanted Lands or the Feerrott. Help all Norrathians by assisting with the permanent rebuilding of the spires that lead to origins unknown!

EverQuest II Live Events
There are many more Live Events planned for EverQuest II, in addition to tons of Guide-driven content (this list just includes the major Live Events that were incorporated into the game. Guides have the ability to make the world even more dynamic through their actions). We hope you enjoy EQII as Norrath evolves. See you in EverQuest II!

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