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Monday, 22 May 2006
Stratics hosted an Everquest 2 House of Common chat. We choosed some interesting points that came out of it.

About the Alternate Advancment system: 

*garanara* How many AA are you going to be adding in the next expansion?
Gallenite -- We're not revealing quite that level of specifics yet about the Achievements that will be available in Faydwer -- But we can say that it's going to be its own separate tree, one for each of the 24 classes, and our goal is to make it a series of choices you make along the way, instead of a number of linear paths as we did with KoS. Hope that satsifies at least a little bit of curiosity. :)


Solo Vs Group:

*Pashta* With the upcoming Live Update 24 root and stun "nerfing", many of us caster want to know if you are intentionally trying to force grouping or is there some other reason for this move?
Blackguard -- Many players tend to look at one aspect of a large change, such as the control changes on Test now, and just grab hold of the aspects they feel are negative (such as the lowered durations).
Blackguard -- In reality, they should end up even more useful in certain situations, yet you won't be able to to chain stun mobs anymore and completely incapacitate them in order to complete an encounter with impunity.
Blackguard -- Short summary: You should still be able to solo quite well, but you may not be able to take one or two players and keep them completely incapacitated, allowing you to own a mob that is technically harder than you should be fighting. ;)


In game voices:

*adw123* What is the current situation with Voice overs? Are they going to be added to future expansions (and current expansions) or has the development team given up on this aspect of the game?
Gallenite -- Another one I'm glad got asked. A full VO shoot (including planning, casting, recording, editing, implementing) is a process that takes 4-6 months to organize. We're in the middle of an extremely large one that will cover much of the live content that's been added and changed of late. While a lot of this is existing 1-20 content, some of it does touch the expansions. Once that's all in place, we'll be continuing to do new VO sessions until we (hopef
Gallenite -- ...until we (hopefully) have the world covered in it again. We're looking forward to it all being there again, too. :)
Gallenite -- (since I'm told it got cut off..Sorry about that.
Gallenite -- (and done)
Brannoc -- Reminder: please only send your questions to [QT]Sprite and NOT to myself or any of the developers.
Lyndro -- We also have a good bit of VO already planned for expansion 3, which should be in for launch.


If you want to read the full chat log please click here , but also notice that some other qustion where answered later on the stratics forums here

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