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Thursday, 15 June 2006
The Fallen Dynasty , Everquest 2 third adventures pack, has been officially launched. "Those who purchase this Adventure Pack can access the new area of the world and /claim their bonsai tree. Journey to the docks in the Thundering Steppes or Nektulos Forest to cross the Buried Sea and begin your adventures in this once-peaceful land."

The Fallen Dynasty is intended for characters between levels 55 and 70. Many new items, including all-new weapon appearances designed with an Asian-influenced theme, are available in the new zones. Players who don't purchase The Fallen Dynasty can buy these and other goods from adventurers who discover these powerful items themselves.

Take on dangerous foes, mingle with the locals in the Village of Shin, meet the legendary Whistling Fist monks, battle the fearsome Pirates of Gunthak, and uncover long-lost secrets in The Fallen Dynasty. To learn more about The Fallen Dynasty and purchase it, head on over to! To download the files necessary for the Adventure Pack, run EverQuest II and click "Download Options" on the launchpad. Under "Optional Downloads," check the box next to "Adventure Pack #3: The Fallen Dynasty." If you wish to receive the files right away, check the box next to "Download Immediately." If you would prefer to let the files download in the background while you use your computer for other tasks, leave the box unchecked
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