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Monday, 19 June 2006
From the EQ2 website: "In Live Update #24, which included The Fallen Dynasty, a new betrayal system, a broker revamp, a PvP exile system, new profession hats, advancing storylines in Nektulos Forest and the Commonlands, and much more, we made some significant improvements to the crafting system in EQII."

Recipe Changes:

All of the tradeskill recipes in the game are moving to a "no sub-combine" system. In order to improve the availability and reduce the tedium of the tradeskill system, we are removing refine and interim recipes from the game. Instead you will be able to craft final combines with just raw components.

No longer will it take hours to craft a set of armor for someone; it will only take a few minutes. This will provide a market in which the crafter can provide their services to the community more efficiently.

In addition, many new recipes are now available in the world: from new armor types that support different classes more efficiently to harvesting tools that speed up the time it takes to harvest (speak with your local woodworker if you'd like the tools).

Item Changes:

Any crafted item will now either be flagged as "Hand Crafted" or "Master Crafted" depending on the rarity of items used when making the item (the latter of which implies rarer items). This will allow players to more easily distinguish what crafters can make.

In order to give crafters a better defined space in the loot progression of the game, any equipable item that is crafted will have somewhat different stat improvements or effects than before. Don't worry, though--existing crafted items won't be affected by this change at all.

Player crafted potions and poisons will now follow a uniform pattern in naming and effects, which should make their functionality easier to identify quickly. Additionally, Level 50-60 rare carpentry recipes have been added to the game. You might be seeing some of your favorite requested furniture pieces that are no longer sold on merchants.

Harvesting Changes:

It's now possible to get more than one item from a single harvest. With an increase in the amount of raw components that are needed in tradeskill recipes, we don't want to merely switch the tedium of crafting from sub-combines into harvesting.

To solve this issue we are going to add the chance of gaining multiple items each time you harvest. The chance for multiple items is related to your harvesting skill versus the difficulty of the harvest node--the higher your skill, the more likely you will be to get multiple items.

A higher harvesting skill will also increase the likelihood that you will obtain a rare item, as well as make it so you will not fail at harvesting items that are trivial for you to harvest.

Tradeskill Societies and Writ Changes:

The notion of tradeskill societies has been removed from the game. Players can now enter any of the tradeskill instances at any time. In addition, all the tradeskill society status that you have ever earned from any society (not just your current one) has been converted into personal status points. Note, however, that this will not add status to your guild.

With these changes, plus all of the changes to recipes and items, we will be temporarily removing the "Tradeskill Writ" NPCs from the game. The good news is that we are working on an exciting new writ system in which you can directly sell your crafted items to a vendor for status for yourself and guild.

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