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EVE Online: Revelations 1.4 issues E-mail
Thursday, 22 March 2007
As each MMORPG player well knows every patch brings some new bugs. Here is the list of known issues after the deployment of EVE Online Revelations patch 1.4. If you found any bug not listed here, please submit a bug report .

Revelations 1.4 Known Issues

Priority issues
  • Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers, Logistics and Recon ships can not be manufactured, this serious issue is being dealt with and will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Resolved: Certain ship types are disabled in the default overview Filter/Type settings - Covert Op Interceptor, Logistics, Recon Ship and Stealth Bomber - therefore they don't appear on overview by default.
  • Resolved: Datacores are not being delivered by research agents. Players who buy the maximum ammount of datacores simply lose the RPs and receive no datacores.
Agents and Dungeons
  • Attacking a Large Collidable Object will cause a warning about attacking a peaceful citizen.
  • Ejecting from your ship if you are too close to an explorations site means you may be unable to warp back to your ship because of oversized deadspace signatures of some dungeons.
  • If you leave the game while in a complex, the timer for whether you warp back to your location or to the beginning of the complex is too short.
  • Rogue drone hidden dungeons still don't escalate, this will most likely be fixed in the next patch due at the beginning of April.
  • Storyline agent mails sent out just before down time can result in the storyline mission never being given.
  • Ingested boosters will not effect already loaded ammo, bonuses will be correctly applied upon unloading and then reloding the ammo.
  • The chance of side effects of boosters is incorrectly states as 0.2%, 0.3% or 0.4% when it should infact be 20%, 30% or 40%.
  • Drones are not jammable through the use of ECM.
  • Drones assigned to groups in the drone ui can be misplaced from their group if more than 5 drones are in the same group when they are launched.
  • Drones draw too much aggro from NPCs.
  • Drones start attacking random targets on rare occations.
  • Having over or near a hundred assembled drones in your drone bay causes the client to lag severely when the drone UI in the overview is expanded.
  • Healthbars on delegated fighters do not update properly.
  • The drone control UI in the overview will not be removed when you return control of fighters to they're original owner.
Eve mail
  • Deleting mailing lists incorrectly requires you to select/highlight the mailing list before you can right click and click delete.
  • Shooting the drones of an enemy does not put you on the killmail if that enemy is destroyed.
  • The amount of text players can send in an eve mail was inadvertently reduced from 4000 characters to 1600 characters.
  • Wrong ship types may appear in killmails for those who use assigned fighters.
  • Cosmic Agent Site Signatures do not have a label in the system map.
  • Displaying the starfield in the background after opening and closing the map has been reported as causing an FPS drop. We need more information on this please.
  • Gate cloaked ships do not display correctly if you enter and exit the Star Map.
  • Jumping with the map open can in rare cases cause graphical issues, closing the map returns everything to normal.
  • Labels for exploration sites don't appear if they are scanned with the map open.
  • Only the bottom 33 entries are active in the popup menus in the star map when you move you mouse over a system.
  • Some players experience an FPS drop after jumping through a gate. We need more information on this issue please!
  • The Strip Miner graphical effect persistes in the solarsystem view of the seamless map.
  • The zoom out button in the UI actually switches immediately to the next level of the seamless map rather than moving the camera within the current context.
  • Undocking with the map open causes graphical issues, closing the map returns everything to normal.
  • Warping with the solarsystem view resets the view.
  • When in world map or system view level, the seamless zooms back to your ship each time you jump.
  • A graphics effect is needed for the salvager.
  • Drones do not always use their MWD's when returning to their home ship.
  • Gang modules are not effecting remote repair modules.
  • Interdictor warp disrupt probes do not interrupt warps that have already been started.
  • Loging off while having a cloaking module active may result in your ship not initiating emergancy warp.
  • Missile rig bonuses are not shown in the Show info screen for loaded missiles with the exception of rof bonuses, they are however applied.
  • Missiles don't show the damage bonus given by ballistic controls, the bonus is however correcly applied.
  • Modules can in rare cases become stuck as active if they are activated by clicking the module rapidly with the mouse.
  • Overdrive Injector System II isn't listed as tech 2 variation to Overdrive Injectors and thus can not be invented.
  • Reloading any module while cloaked will cause ammunition to disappear.
  • Shield Transfer Array graphics could be better: the graphic starts behind the ship and passes through the target.
  • The Drone Durability Enhancer rig has no positive effect on drones.
  • The graphical effect for sensor dampeners displays in the opposite direction to the target.
  • The Mining Foreman Mindlink mining bonus is not working.
  • The range of ECM bursts is not effected by the Frequency Modulation skill.
  • The salvage icon doesn't always appear next to the locked target you are using it on.
  • There is no obvious graphical effect when activating an afterburner.
  • Warning that pops up when fitting rigs does not mention that fitted rigs will also be destroyed if the ship is repackaged.
  • Capital ships are affected by NPC EW.
  • Some graphical effects persist after a ship is destroyed. This is only visible to the pilot of the destroyed ship.
  • The Chimera's centerpoint is not at the models center.
  • The description of the Archon and Chimera carriers doesn't mention that the bonus to energy, shield and armor transfer ranges only applies to capital modules.
  • When cloaking a ships turrets do not fade out, but 'snap' into and out of existence.
  • Alliance corporations can not see or retrieve copies made at starbase mobile laboratories owned by another corp in the same alliance.
  • Blueprints installed in mobile laboratories remotely will become lost if the office in the station the blueprint is located is expired when the deliver button is clicked to return the blueprint.
  • Doomsday weapons penetrate control tower force fields if the pilot belongs to the same corporation as the control tower.
  • Forcefield passwords fail to allow entry to a ship jumping into them.
  • Players get a standing hit when they destroy starbases in empire space that belong to corporations they are at war with.
  • Ship agility is not updated when refitting at a ship maintenance array.
  • Ships located inside a control tower forcefield can not be boarded exept by pilots belonging to the corporation that owns the control tower.
  • Silo's do not show the correct max volume when they are opened if the tower provides them with a bonus to cargo capacity.
  • The -75% EW cycle time on Caldari Control Towers is not working.
  • The booster tutorial given by some agents is incorrect: you do not need to offline the entire starbase, just the silo's.
  • The starbase structure Tracking Array does not give a bonus to range or tracking speed of turret batteries onlined at control towers.
  • A player with the corporation role "Accountant" is not able to see or modify Corporation market orders.
  • Autopilot does not turn off when your pod is destroyed which results in the autopilot being initiated the next time you undock.
  • Conquerable stations / outposts will take no damage if they have 0 structure.
  • Empty and looted wrecks stay in the overview even if you have deselected them in overview settings.
  • If an eve client in windowed mode does not have the focus then it is not possible to speak over the eve audio.
  • Not including Http:// in urls you save in the IGB will result in the url being saved incorrectly.
  • Occasionally when creating a Jin-Mei Male character, you will only see the characters head display with no body.
  • Opening the fitting window near capital ships that allow you to refit is only possible by setting the fitting window to a shortcut combination in the ESC menu.
  • Owners of conquerable stations are unable to give entire corporations discount to the refining service, only individual characters can be given a discount.
  • Ships sometimes do not dock when given the comand to warp and dock.
  • Ships/Items list in station does not update when you "Assemble Ship/Container"
  • Skills do not continue training if a character is transfered between accounts
  • Text in the price history graph can overlap if the market window is made small.
  • The camera zoom resets to the default zoom every time you jump through a stargate or undock from a station.
  • The Req. Skills tab in show info windows has to be improved to accommodate Red/Green color deficient players.
  • The resolution of 1280x720 on widescreen monitors is not saved when the client is closed and reverts to 1280x768 when the client is started up again.
  • The skill Starbase Tactical Officer does not have any function but has still been released.
  • The sun is not always occluded by planets.
  • The tutorial has a typo: when you are asked to look for solarsystems which contain the string "Chan" it returns 4 results, not 3.
  • There are still some issues with installing blueprints into laboratory slots failing silently when the user should recive user error message.
  • There is no warning when changing the location of your clone about if there is a medical facility in the station you select.
  • Using the sort by filter option when viewing available contracts only sorts per page. It should sort all contracts so that A would be at the first page and Z on the last one.
  • When docking at a station that you have no aggression timer with while having a global criminal flag may create an aggression timer to the npc corp owning the station without displaying it to the player.
  • Wrecks do not show the standing of the person who left them.
  • Market - the highlight for buy orders is not applied correctly - only highlights buy orders in the same station, even if there are buy orders in another station or system with appropriate range.
  • Some issues have been identified with the "highlight partially trained skills" character sheet option. Defect submitted.
  • Hangar sorting > Select Drones > Select ALL- displays modules as well as Drones. Known issues with hangar categories also. Defect submitted.
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