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EVE Online: Gamersnation review E-mail
Thursday, 29 March 2007
We like and agree with the Gamersnation the EVE Online review. It is for once a review written by someone who has played the game for more than a few hours/days and is for this reason able to comment the game with a deep knowledge of its mechanics.


From the article:

Because of it's steep learning curve, you'll find yourself surrounded by mature and determined people. Don't expect ANYTHING even similar to games such as World of Warcraft, where the excessive use of gaming slang and premature behaviour seems to set the tone. EVE is attractive to older players because of it's possiblities. If you're a web designer in real life, you can make a good amount of InterStellar Kredits in this game. If you're a good trader, you'll find that EVE's player-controlled economy will work well for you. In EVE, almost everything you buy is built by a player, using minerals refined by a player, and ore mined by a player. There's a player-driven balance between availability and demand. Find the holes in the market and use them to your advantage!

Moving on from Economy and Production to the actual use of the aforemented ships and equipment, you'll find that EVE also has a versatile combat system. With 22 different ship classes, four races that all have their own shiptypes, not to mention the rare faction types, we are looking at an approximate armory of 70 different ships to choose from! Ships can vary in size from as small as a pod, up to something as immense as a Titan-class vessel! Just have a look at this chart and see for yourself! 

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